A Team On The Rise


As you can probably tell by the title I am get the mood up for St. Louis Rams fans. But Im not here to tell you things that I dont see happening. So let me just start off by saying that I honestly do expect for the Rams to be a top-notch team very soon. The good thing is we have a fairly young team so it will last a while. Example: Patriots 2000-2013ish

Our Starting Off Point

With a solid foundation on offense with Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson(for now), and on defense with James Laurinaitis, Chris Long, and hopefully Robert Quinn. That sounds like a good starting point to me, how bout you? Thats what I thought. Plus like I said, we have a young team since all of those "foundation" players have only been in the league for 3 years or less with the exception of SJ39.

Our mediocore WR's

Now I know a lot of you didnt exactly love the 2011 draft. But you have to admit that we did get guys with reliable hands that Sam the Rams will like since we went most of the year without one except of course Danny Amendola. But we all know what happened as the season went on. Teams adjusted to this suprising, whats the word... weapon? I dont know if thats the right one but anyways, they adjusted and by the time we got to week 17, and the Seattle Seahawks were able to shut him down which caused a pretty bad embarrasmet of our recievers.

Josh McDaniels

I can say that hiring Josh McDaniels was probable one of the best moves we made during the offseason soo far, even if you dont agree with some of the desicions he has made, like some contriversal calls during the draft. He is a very good offensive coordinator who will help our mediocore offense become at least one teams can even a little bit respect. Not saying that we were absolutly terrible in 2010-2011 but we were awfully easy to predict and that what led to our eventual... lets go with collapse in the season finale.

2011 NFL Draft

Most of us can agree that Robert Quinn was the best pick in the draft for us. He provides a very good compliment to Chris Long. A good thing is that he isnt forced into a bad situation and has time to learn under James Hall. In the second round we took Lance Kendricks, the TE out of Wisconson. He is more of a recieving guy, not a blocker. But a lot of you already know that the two TE set worked out very well for the Patriots and will work well with McDaniels. Austin Pettis and Greg Salas were taken as red zone threats and give Sam Bradford more sure handed targets to throw to.

Free Agents

When the lockout is lifted, which I predict wont be very long, we should be looking for a OG, DT, S, RB, and at least one OLB. For OG I would like Davin Joseph, DT Barry Cofield, RB Micheal Bush or Derrick Locke, and OLB Mark Herzlich. I know that we cant fill all needs and the one we would most likely leave out is a safety. I would sorta like to see Plaxico Burress come to STL for a temperary #1 recicever.

Future NFL Drafts

With our first round pick I think we need to get Trent Richardson at almost whatever the cost. I would predict that we will be in the mid-high teens and at the most low 20's in the draft. Trent hopefully wont require a big trade up like what the Falcons did, in that case I dont know what we would do. But after that if we can I think one of our biggest needs will be safety, so in the second round cover that need.  Kenny Tate is a good option if he is available or a DT if we dont get/keep Barry Cofield. In 2013, with a good RB, QB, and solid defense, it would be a good time to look for a long term #1 reciever.


Overall I would say that in 2-3 years we should be looked at as one of the elite teams in the leauge. A almost perfect time to come in with current stars Tom Brady and Peyton Manning most likely leaving around that time. Steven Jackson could be(not for sure) on his last legs, but if we get Trent Richardson I cant say I would see much of a problem in that. The recieving core should be solid. Sam Bradford should be excelling in the NFL. By then Robert Quinn would be developed, team him up with Chris Long and there is a great pass rush in its own. And James Laurinaitis should still be a stud.

To me that looks like a bright future for the Rams. What do you think?

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