Random Ramsdom, 5/18: Leverage edition

The NFL lockout took a turn for the worse this week, from a fan perspective. Will players and owners be able to reach a deal in the near future?

No intro needed today. It's all about the lockout, as per usual, since that's the only thing happening in the NFL right now. Fun times!

The road to labor peace in the NFL
Among the chattering classes some are beginning to see a path as to how the lockout gets resolved, the NFL gets a new CBA and we have football again in 2011. With the 8th Circuit Court expected to overturn district court Judge Susan Nelson's injunction to lift the lockout, owners would have an incredible amount of leverage at the bargaining table. The thinking goes that with the looming prospects of no football, players will be more willing to make a deal. I doubt it.

According to reports, the NFL made offer yesterday worse than the one made in March. If that's how the owners see their position, if that's where they want to even start negotiating from, the players may just be better off over the long-term to continue fighting their antitrust case in court.

Remember, the players' antitrust case has yet to begin, it being ordered directly to mediation by Judge Nelson. That court battle is a long way from kicking off, and it's sure to eliminate the 2011 season under the current circumstances. 

Player borrows $500K at 23 percent interest
And here's why the lockout may not continue...when players start missing those pay checks, the desire to compromise will get a little stronger.

Chris Chamberlain talks health with students
St. Louis Rams outside linebacker and Oklahoma native Chris Chamberlain visited an Oklahoma middle school to stress the importance of health with the Midwest's ever expanding youth. It was part of the NFL's Play 60 initiative. Personally, if I were a player, I wouldn't be doing any PR work for the NFL, good cause or not.

Power Rankings: Top 10 NFL helmets
Helmet power rankings...damn you NFL lockout, damn you! 

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