A madden picture that is worth 362 words.

Forget the lockout, give us Madden.

Earlier today, the 8th Circuit decided to grant the owners with a stay. That basically means that the lockout is still on, and that we will have to wait even longer to watch the Rams go 16-0. 

Through all of my tears, I saw that Madden franchise blog was finally uploaded. Of course I read the details, and said damn this is going to be the best Madden ever. I know I said this last year too, but hey we have to have some reason to shell out $60 for a game nowadays.

Now after I read the details of the blog, I saw a picture of nine players on the Rams roster and their ratings. I know how popular madden is today, so after the jump lets look at some observations, I made when looking at the picture.

I would also like it to be known that we don't know if the ratings will change. I doubt it, but it could happen.



Jason Smith is rated an 89, with Bell and Brown as 88s.

I don't know why these three are so highly ranked. I would think Saffold would be higher then at least Bell, but hey this should make playing offense a little easier.

James L, and Chris Long are the Rams highest rated defenders.

I would agree with that statement. I'm just surprised that EA rated them this high. Good job with that EA.

Steven Jackson is the highest rated player on the Rams with a 93.

I think this is in the ball park. Steven Jackson didn't have the best season, but I would still put in the top 5. 

Sam Bradford has an rating of 85.

I love this rating. Bradford had a great rookie season, and he is getting his just due. I would like to see how he ranks compared to the other quarterbacks in the league also.

Ron Bartell wasn't better than an 85 last season?

Damn talk about a big snub. Ron Bartell was probably ranked lower then an 85, because he didn't get an interception. That makes since, but he is a better player then whatever his ranking will be. 

The Rams don't have a wide receiver over 85.

I know this doesn't surprise anyone. It will be interesting to see who they gave the Rams as their highest rated receiver. It should be Danny Amendola, but we will see.

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