Field Gulls blast the Rams/ Bradford "insanely overhyped"

I just wanted to know what people think of this post. One contributor to the Field Gulls blog decided that the 9th most important play of their year was a Sam Bradford interception (you know the one..week 17..playoffs on the line, Bradford chucks it up to Will Herring to ice it) . Beyond the hate envy clearly displayed of the Rams having (what we all think is) a rising franchise cornerstone in Sam Bradford, they bring up an interesting point. Is Sam Bradford "insanely over-hyped"? Is he really the quarterback that is going to take us to the next level? Do you think its just a bitter rival spewing weak ass insults with no grounds? This is what they had to say about Bradford's untimely mistake, ultimately nailing the coffin shut on our playoff hopes and our season:

As one of the people who thought Sam Bradford's rookie year was insanely overhyped, this play has a taste that goes deeper than a playoff spot on the line, or a division rival getting its just deserts.  Call it petty if you must, but I vividly remember NBC's Bradford hype leading up to and including this game.  The quiet hero with the ping pong table.  He was all set to be the next Golden American Boy that the mass media would shove down our throats for years to come.

But for one game, just one game, against my favorite team no less, he got his throat stomped on.

The unbalanced LEO line held point and kept Steven Jackson in check.  The consistent pressure never gave Bradford a second to breathe.  His "checkdown to glory" strategy was good enough to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, but not good enough to get into the playoffs.

It certainly wasn't good enough on this play.  The Rams spread out their WRs, and the Seahawks responded in kind, with Will Herring lined up on the right slot opposite B. Gibson, whoever he is.  Bradford is in the shotgun, with Jackson to his immediate right.  There's not much to break down on this play, because Bradford made it all too easy to analyze.  He took the snap, stared down Gibson into eternity, and forced the ball into double coverage.  The INT was gift-wrapped to Herring, and he accepted it without complaint.  In a mostly back-and-forth game, that 4th quarter turnover was all Charlie and Co. needed.  He milked the clock, and the Hawks danced to historical infamy.

It's the little things in life you learn to appreciate.  Like a rookie QB making classic rookie mistakes. 

(The "checkdown to glory" reference cracked me up.)

What is more interesting to me than the play itself, or the playoffs of 2010, is the snide insults and the outright rude comments about Sam Bradford and The Rams. This is something I don't believe I would ever see here at Turf Show Times, whether it be about the 49ers or the Seahawks or any team. 

Personally, I believe the Rams are just fine. I believe that Bradford is the answer and that we are damn close to cleaning out the NFC West with ease and making deep runs for a long time. But do the 31 other teams and fan bases view Bradford in a different light? Just another pesky rookie who the NFL wants everyone to believe is the new Brady with the best quarterbacks aging out of the NFL in the next few seasons?

Oh yeah, F*&^% you, whoever wrote this piece and whoever let it get published. Then again, you're not doing it right if you don't have haters. I guess we should be thanking them.  Thank you, Field Gulls, for your bitter words of encouragement. The Rams matter again. 

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