Don't just check for steroid, check for Twitter IQ

>  <a class='sbn-auto-link' href=''>New Orleans Saints</a> Running Back <a class='sbn-auto-link' href=''>Reggie Bush</a> Watches Photo courtesy of AP

   Reggie! What were you thinking?

 The way the Rams have come together as a team this past season has to give fans hope that the dismal past is forever behind us. Coach Spags has held rigidly to his "Four Pillars" when he acquired personnel through the draft or free agency.

  In fact it's working so well, maybe it's time to pick up a player or two that could lack a few of the pre-requisites for making the team? Should we look the other way if a Pillar or three is missing on the oft chance the core of players we now have can corral a troublesome or disenfranchised player?

 What about a player that has off field issues (excluding felons of course... I mean we have to have standards: see L.Phillips, J. Jolly, et al...) ?

  When Reggie Bush played at USC, I couldn't help seeing a bit of Marshal Faulk in him. The way he moved, caught passes out of the backfield... He even looked intelligent? Ok, maybe the last observation is a stretch. I mean, when he was asked what jersey number he wanted when he arrived in New Orleans he said: "The Wonderlic folks already said I was 25?"

  Things haven't worked out all that well for Reggie in New Orleans. Whether injuries or the offensive game plan are the root cause of his lack of success, I'll leave that for others to glean. When he became a possible odd man out with the draft of RB, Mark Ingram, my finely tuned senses told me it was serendipity. The planets were aligning to give us a Marshal Faulk clone and SJax the help he needed.

  What could be better? (Insert the sound of Cicadas here)

   In the last couple days I came out of my idiotic dream. What caused me to change my thinking? That %#*&ing Twitter! In fact I'm going to throw some blame at Steve Jobs and others who make smart phones too. If they're so "Smart", how do they let their owners "Tweet" without a warning message coming up before a professional athlete hits send?

  "WARNING: You are risking jillions of dollars and dates with talentless TV babes if you send this message! Hit DELETE NOW!"

  So Reggie Bush became yet another athlete to hit send and tell the world something moronic. He not only alienated a possible future employer, but if what he "Tweeted" has any effect on the 8th Circuits ruling, he's going to have a HUGE bullseye painted on him if he ever steps foot on the field again.

  I honestly don't think professional athletes realize what social media is, or its scope. It sounds so friendly: "Social Media". Athletes like Reggie must think they are sending a message to only those people that 'Get Me" or understand that what they type in isn't necessarily what they think... Maybe there should be a "Just kidding" emoticon? When Pittsburg's running back "Tweeted" about bin Ladin, he should have let people know what he was about to send was the fault of editing his thoughts to 140 symbols and he picked the wrong things to edit. Maybe athletes should add a Twitter editor to their group of hangers-on? Give a geek who passed english class a chance at joining their posse and they'll save millions of dollars. Don't think so? Just ask Reggie or Rashid in a week or two. If they have any brains at all, their new wing men when they hit the town will be wearing a pocket protectors.  

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