Rams Receivers

        As you all know, the Rams selected two similar type receivers.  I was not happy with them at first, but as I looked further into them, and took some time to think about it, I like the picks (even if I thought they could/should have been used on other positions).  While looking at these receivers, it also gave me an idea of who the Rams will keep and who they will cut.

        There are two common factors in Pettis and Salas.  While not burners, they both are solid route runners and have great hands.  Running sharp routes is very important in the McDaniels system, and he wanted to make sure he had guys who could. 

       On Salas, I think he fits McDaniels system well.  If we are going to be running four receiver sets, then there we'll be two slot receivers.  Pair Salas with Amendola on the inside, and I love what those two can do.  And watching some film on Salas, I absolutely love the guys hands.  It appears that he may never drop a ball in his entire career.  I know that won't happen but that's how impressive his hands are.

     On Pettis, he has similar characteristics as Salas, but he has a little more to offer.  According to our coaches, he can play all three positions, meaning he can play the slot as well as outside.  But he's also got a little height advantage on Salas.  He is a good red zone target and I saw him make a few nice jump ball catches in his highlight video.

    So on who I think gets cut:

Amendola has to be a lock.  Robinson is most likely done for.  Avery probably stays because he's got the speed we lack.  Unfortunately, I think Gibson may be done.  McDaniels seems to be looking for hands and route running.  Gibson lacks hands.  Hopefully he can change that.  Gilyard has to be done just based on the fact that he won't be able to learn the playbook.  Alexander probably stays because of his size, speed, and potential. And I'm guessing the two rookies will make it.

So that leaves us with Amendola, Avery, Alexander, Pettis and Salas.  That leaves us with five.  I think we will probably keep six, so Gibson might have a new life, but that all depends on Mark Clayton.  If he re-signs, Gibson has to be gone, if not, Gibson and GIlyard (if he can learn the playbook) will have a duel for the job.  I'd have to give GIbson the upper hand in that battle.

So this is how I hope our pass catchers look for the upcoming season and I honestly have no idea who the #1 or #2 will be.  I'm assuming Avery will be one of them, but who knows.






Clayton/Gibson/Gilyard/No one

Clayton would obviously be higher up on the depth chart, but I put him at the bottom due to the uncertainty if he'll be back.





I think Kendricks and Hoomanawanui can handle the blocking without Bajema, so I'd prefer to keep Onobun on the roster.  He deserves his chance.

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