Turf Show Radio (Apr. 2nd) recap

  From days of long ago...from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend...the legend...of Turf Show Radio, defender of the universe!

  Saturday's show and breakdown after the jump.


 - 0:45 - ccmachine (also known as Matt in certain circles) from Crimson and Cream Machine jumps on the show and reveals that he failed to fill out a Cricket World Cup bracket.  Unbelievable.

 - 3:23 - ccmachine's Demarco Murray scouting report.

 - 6:57 - Is Demarco Murray's injury history due to a lack of conditioning early in his career?  If so, should NFL teams not be worried?

 - 10:22 - The Rams, with Sam Bradford, Mark Clayton and potentially a third key Sooner, could start chipping away at the Cowboys' and Chiefs' hold on Oklahoma NFL fans.

 - 13:34 - How much of Sam Bradford have we really seen, considering the 2010 offense had him throwing so many short passes?

 - 17:24 - Looking ahead to future NFL drafts, who is primed to be the bigger star at the next level: WR Kenny Stills or MLB Tom Wort?

 - 20:04 - Is Trey Metoyer going to qualify in time for OU?

 - 22:05 - Other than Demarco Murray, S Quinton Carter and OLB Jeremy Beal, what other Sooners have a shot at being picked up at the NFL level?

 - 26:45 - Bob Stoops changed the direction of the OU football program when he took the reins back in 1999.  Words of wisdom to consider with Spags and the Rams.

 - 28:35 - Knoxfan calls in during his Cricket World Cup tailgaiting to talk draft.

 - 32:22 - Is this year's RB class a watershed class that portends a wave of smaller, quicker running backs that won't warrant first round selections, or is this an anomaly, an outlier?

 - 35:25 - Van brings up...Mark Ingram...anger rising...

 - 37:30 - We know Josh McDaniels' arrival means profound changes to the Rams' passing system, but what does it mean for the running game?

 - 41:40 - Corey Liuget: yea or nay at #14?

 - 45:04 - Yet again, verbally circumsized by our BlogTalkRadio overlords...

  Thanks to ccmachine/Matt for the OU knowledge and to Knoxfan for hitting us up and talking beef.  We may have to do a tailgate spectacular episode one of these days

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