Mock Draft #3


This is probably one of the hardest mocks to do in the last few years.  Most years everyone knows how the top five will turn out, but this year no one knows who is going number one.  Here is my feeble attempt.

1. Carolina Panthers- Blaine Gabbert (QB, Mizzou)

            Yes they have Clausen, but teams are so scared to pass up possible "franchise QBs" that they will end up with a prospect who really should not be taken until the mid-first round.  Some like Newton here over Gabbert but I think that Gabbert is the "safer" pick.  Personally I would choose Newton over Gabbert because of the potential of Newton, but sadly I'm not the Panther's GM.

2. Denver Broncos- Marcell Dareus (DT, Alabama)

            Whenever Billy Bajema scored 2 TDs against you in a game you have to address your defense in the draft the next year.  Marcell Dareus has taken over as the best defensive player available from Fairley because of his great combine performance.  He gets picked at the same spot as Suh last year but he is nowhere near as good.  This draft class looks very weak to me compared to last year.

3. Buffalo Bills- Cam Newton (QB, Auburn)

            This is probably the best situation for Cam to go to.  The Bills already have Fitzpatrick who can play well enough to let Cam sit and really work on his game.  Chan Gailey has had success in developing option QBs to the NFL, and he is getting one of the best in the history of college football, and yes Tebow lovers Cam is better.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- Nick Fairley (DT, Auburn)

            They need a QB badly, but there isn't one left worthy of even a top five reach, so they wait until the 2nd to get one.  For now they get Fairley who can really help make them an elite defense.  With Dunlap, Odom and Fairley, all the great linebackers and the good secondary the Bengals could finish higher in defense than division rivals Baltimore and possibly but unlikely, Pittsburgh.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Von Miller (DE/OLB, Texas A&M)

            The Cardinals need help with pass rushing and they will take the best rusher in the draft.  I'm still not sold on Miller.  I still think he is a risk because of his smaller size he will have to put on weight.  The question is will he keep the same explosiveness, not a question I want to have with a top 5 pick.

6. Cleveland Browns- AJ Green (WR, Georgia)

            They really need help at d-line as well especially since they are switching to the 4-3, but with an offensive coach they will pick a WR another major need.  Some like Julio over AJ, but I still think AJ is the much better prospect because he simply performed better in games.

7. San Francisco 49ers- Patrick Peterson (CB, LSU)

            With all the problem in the secondary for the niners they will be thrilled to get Peterson, my highest rated player in the draft.  Just throw away from him Sam.

8. Tennessee Titans- Da'Quan Bowers (DE, Clemson)

            A bad knee or a good knee, that is the question.  They are still looking for d-line help after the loss of Vanden Bosch and Haynesworth.  If Bowers knee checks out he will be the pick, if now Robert Quinn is the likely choice.

9. Dallas Cowboys- Prince Amukamara (CB, Nebraska)

            Watching Cowboys "highlights" last year all I saw was CBs being burnt on defense to go with a terrible offense.  With Romo back I think they will hope the offense will get back to form, so they will look at improving the defense.  Prince is a better cover guy than Peterson, but he isn't as versatile so he will be picked after Peterson.

10. Washington Redskins- Robert Quinn (DE/OLB, North Carolina)

            Most people like to give them Julio here, but I think they are forgetting that the reason the Redskins sucked last year was defense not the offense, even though they weren't what you would call good.  Furthermore the Orakpo was the only player to get more than 2.5 sacks last year.  They really need help on defense and they get a player who may be as talented as another Tar Heel, Julius Peppers, but falls because of his suspension.

11. Huston Texans- JJ Watt (DE, Wisconsin)

            Since they are switching to the 3-4, they need a 5-technique.  Mike Mayock said he is the best 5-tech he's ever seen.  He is a great building block for the Texans defense.

12. Minnesota Vikings- Aldon Smith (DE, Mizzou)

            They really need help at QB, but unless they trade down I don't see them taking one.  They will pick the best defensive player available to help revamp an aging defense and take some pressure off Jared Allen.

13. Detroit Lions- Anthony Castonzo (OT, Boston College)

            They need an o-linemen badly.  I like Castonzo over Tyron Smith because I think the Castonzo is ready to play right now and Smith still needs some seasoning.

14. St. Louis Rams- Julio Jones (WR, Alabama)

            I think people are just saying there is now way he is falling to us because he should be a top ten pick when you just look at his talent level.  He won't because all the teams in the top ten, except the Browns who take AJ Green, have so many other more important needs that need to be addressed.  They can' t afford to take Julio so he will go to the Rams.

15. Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram (RB, Alabama)

            They are a run first team and both of their top runners, Rickey Williams and Ronnie Brown, are not likely to be on the team next season.  Needless to say they need a RB.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars- Ryan Kerrigan (DE, Purdue)

            They had the worst pass rush last season and are in dire needs of an upgrade on the d-line.  Kerrigan is a blue-collar full effort type and will provide decent pressure for the Jaguars.

17. New England Patriots- Cameron Jordan (DE, Cal)

            The Pats have been looking for a replacement for Seymour for a few years now.  Since they haven't found one they will pick one here with a player who is for some reason starting to fall on mock drafts I've seen.

18. San Diego Chargers- Muhammad Wilkerson (DE/DT, Temple)

            He is starting to fly up draft boards lately and for good reason.  He is a talented 3-4 end and he might be the Pats pick at 17 if they like him over Jordan.  The Chargers need help in the secondary but since this class is so weak in DBs they will look to fill other needs.

19. New York Giants- Tyron Smith (OT, USC)

            The Giants o-line is aging quickly.  This is a good fit for Smith since he will have time to grow sitting behind the veteran tackles of the Giants.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Adrian Clayborn (DE, Iowa)

            He just seems like a Tampa type defender to me.  Nasty and tenacious.  Will really help the Bucs get more pressure on Brees and Ryan.

21. Kansas City Chiefs- Brooks Reed (DE, Arizona)

            The Chiefs need help on defense to take the pressure off of Hali.  Reed had a crazy good combine which has shot him up to mid to low first round consideration. 

22. Indianapolis Colts- Cory Liuget (DT, Illinois)

            The Colts can't stop the run well at all.  Liuget would be a great fit and help shore up the run defense, but also provide good pass rush from the middle to help Freeney and Mathis.

23. Philadelphia Eagles- Nate Solder (OT, Colorado)

            The Eagles gave up 52 sacks last year, that has got to be improved in order for this team to contend for a Super Bowl.  Solder has shown good pass protection and he is a great value pick here for the Eagle and also fills the most glaring need on the roster.

24. New Orleans Saints- Mikel Leshoure (RB, Illinois)

            Who do you mock to a team that already has every position filled?  Well of course the player who will help Drew Brees the most.  The run game at times was good, but with a great talent like Leshoure, it could be great.

25. Seattle Seahawks- Mike Pouncey (OG, Florida)

            They have struggled running the ball since Steve Hutchinson left.  Pouncey will step in and try to fill his shoes.  Please dear God, don't let him be as good as his brother.

26. Baltimore Ravens- Torrey Smith (WR, Maryland)

            Flacco has the best downfield arm in the game, but no one fast enough on offense to get downfield.  Drafting Smith would fix this.

27. Atlanta Falcons- Justin Houston (DE, Georgia) 

            Huston seems to better fit a 3-4 scheme but he does have the ability to play 4-3 in the NFL.  Atlanta only had 31 sacks last season and with two other great QBs in their division other than Matt Ryan they need all the sacks they can get.

28. New England Patriots- Akeem Ayers (OLB, UCLA)

            They need help at OLB and I think Ayers would fit well with the Pats.  He had a slow 40, but I think he plays faster than that 5 plus time he had.  He is very versatile which is what Bellichick loves in a LB.

29. Chicago Bears- Gabe Carimi (OT, Wisconsin)

            If the Bears don't pick an o-lineman I think I may shit myself.  Carimi is average at pass blocking but a total beast at run blocking.  Should be able to man the RT spot at Chicago for may years to come.

30. New York Jets- Rahim Moore (S, UCLA)

            Since none of the good pass rushers fell they will fill the other major need on defense safety.  Moore is an underrated prospect and he will fit very nicely with this Super Bowl contending team (if only Mark Sanchez didn't suck.)

31. Pittsburg Steelers- Aaron Williams (CB, Texas)

            Arron Rodgers showed the world how bad the Steelers' secondary is.  Arron Williams can also play FS if they finally come to their senses and get rid of Ryan Clark, the worst cover safety in the league.

32. Green Bay Packers- Danny Watkins (OG, Baylor)

            If only he wasn't 26 he would be the first guard taken.  The Packers need to improve their run game if they want to repeat next year.  Getting Grant back will help, but getting a good guard could help them even more.

Thanks for reading and as always GO RAMS!!!!

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