Mock Draft --- Trades

This has less than 1% chance of happening, but since it seems everyone else has a dream scenario, I might as well give you mine. I think all of these trades are fair and actually could go down if certain things lead up to the picks. Obviously I would not trade down if Julio is on the board...

With the 10th pick the Washington Redskins select - Julio Jones

With the 11th pick the Houston Texans select - Aldon Smith

With the 12th pick the Minnesota Vikings select - Corey Liuget

With the 13th pick the Detroit Lions select - Prince Amukamara

If those 4 picks occur:

The Rams are on the clock, but unfortunately all of their favorite prospects have been taken. Bowers's knee doesn't check out, they don't like Kerrigan, and they believe it's too early to draft Pouncey or Ingram. WalterFootball thinks the Eagles love Jimmy Smith, so they trade up to get him.

­­­­­­Rams trade the No. 14 pick (1,100 points) to the Eagles for Nos. 23 (760) and 54 (360)        

The Rams are now on the clock again, but unfortunately their favorite prospects have been taken. Ingram and Pouncey are gone and they believe they can nab Austin later. The Patriots see a great offensive lineman still available so they propose a trade to the Rams.                       

Rams trade the No. 23 pick (760 points) to the Patriots for Nos. 33 (580) and 74 (220)

It's been assumed that the 1st pick on day 2 has great value and it proves to be true. John Elway sees his guy at QB but he needs to jump ahead of the Bills and the Bengals because it looks like they are going to draft a QB after passing on them in the 1st round. The Rams have a player in mind but they think they can get him 3 picks later.

Rams trade the Nos. 33 pick (580 points) and 78 (200) to the Broncos for Nos. 36 (540), 67 (255), 186 (17)

The Rams now have a ton of picks which is great for a team that is still rebuilding.

2nd          36th                         DT           Marvin Austin            

The Rams have wanted this disruptive DT the whole draft and their previous trades have put them in a great position to select him.       

2nd          47th                         RB           Mikel Leshoure         

Leshoure loves Jackson's style of play and he would love to learn from him. The Rams obviously need a successor sooner or later to Steven and Leshoure is the perfect fit.       

2nd           54th                        CB/FS    Aaron Williams                 

A great value pick here. Williams stated that he played a ton of Nickel while at Texas in the Game Changers film on NFL network. He can also line up at FS. Both of these positions are needs for the Rams so he is a great fit.

3rd           67th                        OG         Marcus Cannon   

I do not know much about this guy, but what I do know is that the Rams need a RG, Cannon is massive and intimidating also from the Game Changers film, and that Jason Smith and him make one huge right side.

3rd           74th                        WLB       Mason Foster       

The Rams need a starting weakside linebacker and they need someone who wants to rack up the tackles like JL55.. Mason Foster fits the bill            

4th           112th                      RB           Taiwan Jones  

This guy probably gets selected by Oakland in the 1st round...even though they dont have a 1st round pick they will find a way to land him. But if the Raiders don't over value him, you can't pas up on a guy that runs in the 4.2s.

5th           145th                      FS           Deunta Williams

The Rams need a safety and I am assuming this guy is pretty good considering he was on UNC's defense.

6th           186th                      QB          Greg McElroy

I think he will become a great back up QB. Backup QBs need to just know how to manage the game and not do anything that hurts the team. With McElroy's Wonderlic score, he seems pretty smart.

7th                                          FB           Stanley Havili

McDaniels' offense calls for a FB that can block on 3rd down, can handle the ball, and can also catch. Havili does all of that.

7th                                          SLB         Mike Mohamed

I put this guy in here after reading an earlier post by mcihaelT. Credit to him

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