Mock Vs. Hopes and Deams

So a new mock in has been a constant change and has all different players chosen in so many different rounds with risers and fallers everywhere so IDK how realistic it may play out or even compare to but here we go.

1st round: Corey Liuget DT, llinois-As it comes as no surprise we have been Linked to Liuget since we all saw run Julio run so This has some truth in a sense that we probably wont go offense here and D line is probably our biggest weakest position in a sense of depth so this immedately adds talent and much needed future in the position. DE is another possibility depending on whos around and how much our staff likes a guy. Id give this pick a solid B+

2nd round:  Torrey Smith WR/KR, Maryland- Yes we need a WR no I dont think he's the one the will lift our offense to the next level. Smith is fast and a homerun deep threat but Thats what Avery is supposed to be so why would we double dip? I think this is a way off pick and I doubt we draft him but its intresting to see with Baldwin and Hankerson still on the board while previously mocked to us. The idea might be right but round and player is wrong. I give this pick a C+ cuz of pure talent. With this pick we're missing out on quality OG (Rackley, Hudson, Cannon) and skill players ( Williams RB, Moore FS, Harris CB).

3rd round: Clint Boling G, Georgia- Need filled but at a high price for a non big name OG,seems to be a push. While I like that it fillied the hole in the O-line, the same can be said for a guy grabbed later in the draft especially with a bunch of talent still on the board to include (Gilchrist CB/FS, Murry RB, Foster OLB). Not to fimiliar with Boling other than hearing about some quick evals so I say good pick so-so round to grab him all in all I give it a solid B.

4th round: Jordan Toddman RB, Uconn-Solid back primarily a change of pace guy with some big play potential but IDK if he'll be able to spell SJax enough to give us some confidence at the B/U position. This is probably the round I'd like to see a RB get picked up and with Murry gone I would push it down some more. Wilson OLB, Wright OLB, Brown CB are all still on the board and argueably would be inserted immedately on the depth chart if they were the pick. Plus I'd value a solid big play OLB/CB over a B/U so-so RB IMO. overall decent decision but I see value elsewhere. Pick gets a C+

5th round: Cliff Matthews DE, South Carolina-Finally we get a DE. Not that big a need with 2 still on the roster that were taken last yr and showed promise as have others on the team. I hear Matthews is a great run stopper and not too much of a pass rusher. I'd be happy with addressing the position at this round and a run stopper could really help. with guys like (Green RB, Love OG, Burney CB, Burton WR{West Texas A&M player needs to be mentioned}) all are still available. I'll give the pick a C+ with his size and run stuffing skills could complement Selvie, Ah You in rotation.

It goes 6 rounds and well we dont have one so thats it for us BPA would be my guess on the two 7th rounders remaining. Not an ideal draft and probably isnt as sexy as some other teams might have especially since we're picking much lower than the last 4 years. Depending on how you value one guy to the other and what need you might think needs to be addressed sooner will change your mind on which and where each guy should guy. Also who your so called "Man-crushes" are will also depend on where you want to take a guy.....Who?...Me you ask?.....what route would I go if I knew this ahead of time?........Well I'm glad you asked

1. Da'Quan Bowers DE-too good a player to let slip past us

2.Rahim Moore FS/Brandon Harris CB-Either one would be fine and depending on where staff views Murphy.

3.DeMarco Murry RB-earlier than I'd like but needed. plus Murry is sooo underrated it sickens me.

4.Lawrence Wilson OLB-Solid guy with big upside and talent.

5.Demarcus Love OG-see him as a J'marcus Webb pick like bears last yr and a solid starter.

Whos is better? or How would you put your uhh...5 round mock in regards to the one?

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