MtD Live Draft Results and explanation - Big Program Edition

Well, I’ve got start this off with props to Buckeyfan55, Abrantes and dbcouver for getting in on this and making it a fun event to be involved in.

Below is how each pick was made and an explanation of how we were planning to build the draft.

The draft began with AJ Green and Julio Jones being taken 4th and 6th overall. We never had any chance of getting either of those so Buckeye tried to trade down, but for some unfathomable reason we were roundly ignored; at times in this draft people accepted worse trade offers than we made with no explanation.

Still, when it came to our pick, we got lucky with DaQuan Bowers being there at 14. A lot of teams passed because of the injury concern and others simply didn’t expect him to fall and forgot about him. We went with Bowers because Dr. James Andrews has apparently given him the all clear, which was more than good enough for us.

In the second, there were options at OG. However, Marvin Austin represented good value at 47 and at the time there looked to be good value at OG in round 3. It might also have been a bit of a 'mancrush' pick too, but we were in agreement about this pick.

At the start of round 3, we discussed grabbing Steven Wiesniewski but when the Cowboys traded up to grab him we began to shop the pick. We had an agreement in place to trade down with the 49ers, but the Vikings swooped and stole the trade with the same offer. We then spent a few rounds looking to extract some revenge upon the Vikings, but they did a good enough job of reaching for players anyway.

We then made a deal with the Titans (one of 7 trades they made). We offered picks 78 and 145 for the Titans three 4th rounders (113, 124 & 128) plus pick 175. Despite our agreed offer, we only ended up getting 113, 128, 148 and 175. We took the trade anyway because we wanted extra picks even if we got fleeced on the TVC chart.

Waiting for our 4th round picks and watching players come off the board before we got to pick was painful. What was left when we got to our picks it became clear that there is quite a big drop off in talent at the end of the 3rd round.

Still, we used the 4th round picks to snag Lee Ziemba, Robert Sands and Ross Homan. KJ Wright was still there for our first two picks, and was considered, but we went with the consensus choice. We all thought that this round could have gone better for us, but hey, that’s live drafting for you.

In the 5th round, we were looking for a RB or a BPA pick. There were lots of  RB’s left, so came down to BPA. DJ Williams certainly is a fit with that thinking and was looked upon as providing a hybrid TE/RB for use in McDaniels offense.

It was mancrush time again in the 6th. There was no way Jaquizz Rogers was staying on the board any longer. It proved a wise decision as between our 6th and 7th round picks there was a huge run on RB’s.

In the 7th, we had a trick up our sleeve. Whoever was running the official big board had incorrectly marked Justin Boren as taken (this happened around the 4th round) and no-one else other than dbcouver had noticed. Smugly, we sat and waited to make that pick expecting ‘Borenfest’ to bring uproar. Sadly, not one person noticed… this proved the biggest disappointment of the whole draft, but we were still happy with the value the pick represented.

Our other 7th rounder was going to be the best DB available. We almost got Brandon Hogan, but he went a few picks earlier so we opted for DeNorris Searcy. Again, we thought this was decent value.

I was moments late in claiming UDFA’s. We wanted Orie Lemon (tackling machine), Donovan Fletcher (decent genes and should be drafted), Steven Ridley and Kris Adams (a big downfield threat who plays hard (20.8 yard average catch last year). Ridley went a few moments before and fortunately Buckeye was on the ball and jumped to snag Ryan Whalen.

In all, it could have gone better, and that talent drop off at the end of the 3rd should be considered if you are all in favour of the Rams trading down in the real event, but I’m still pretty happy with the overall draft.

Over at MtD our overall draft was given a very generous A grade. I’d put us at B+/A- range personally.

The official results can be seen here, and the draft grades here, but our final draft picks were:

1: DaQuan Bowers, DE, Clemson
2: Marvin Austin, DT, UNC
4: Lee Ziemba, OG, Auburn
4: Robert Sands, S, WVU
4: Ross Homan, OLB, OSU
5: DJ Williams, TE, Arkansas
6: JaQuizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State
7: DeNorris Searcy, S, UNC
7: Justin Boren, OG, OSU
UDFA: Orie Lemon, LB, Oklahoma State
UDFA: Ryan Whalen, WR, Stanford
UDFA: Donovan Fletcher, S, Ohio
UDFA: Kris Adams, WR, UTEP

Still, there endeth the report. Lets have your grades on this draft and views on what we could, and should, have done better.

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