Random Ramsdom, 4/15: Rams' linemen & receivers finding a way

Linemen and receivers from the St. Louis Rams are finding a way to sustain the team's momentum despite the lockout.

We are now officially less than two weeks away from the start of the 2011 NFL Draft...and untold weeks away from the resumption of the NFL season, thanks to the lockout. Still, business continues as the St. Louis Rams prep for the draft and locked out players prep for...something. Today's news is headlined by word from Adam Goldberg that the Rams linemen and other players have been working out during the lockout, both in groups and on their own. Let's dive right in.

Cohesion is key for Rams’ linemen
Rams OL Adam Goldberg tells Jim Thomas of the Post-Dispatch that he and most of the other linemen have been working out together with a personal trainer twice a week in St. Louis. Most of the receivers have been getting together in Houston, TX, but not with Sam Bradford...yet.

Julio Jones, A.J. Green and some perspective

Take it for what it's worth, the perspective comes from NFL Network's "Path to the Draft," usually not a bad program. Charles Casserly says that Michael Crabtree is/was a better receiving prospect than Julio Jones, based on Crabtree's ability to get separation from defensive backs. He also says Green is a better route runner than Calvin Johnson.

Taiwan Jones is fast

Taiwan Jones had his much anticipated pro day yesterday. It was worth wait, as Jones burned up the track with forty times between 4.27 and 4.35 seconds. Without a doubt, Jones has the potential to be a real gamebreaker in the NFL. He also has injury concerns and some fumbles to give teams pause.

Decline of the first round running back

NFL.com gives the stats a look on running backs picked in the first round of the NFL Draft. Not surprisingly, the number has been in steady decline in recent years. We've said this again and again, but there's value at that position in the middle rounds, or even later, in the draft almost every year.

Breaking down Akeem Ayers and Rahim Moore

The National Football Post takes a closer look at UCLA prospects LB Akeem Ayers and FS Rahim Moore. Both players sit right around that first- and second-round borderline.

Fairley not worryied about his draft stock

Whatever the interwebs is saying about him, Nick Fairley isn't worried about it. From rumors about a missed dinner to questions about his commitment, Fairley has been subjected to more than his fair share of speculation lately, enough that it could cause his draft stock to fall. The Rams did not include Fairley on their list of pre-draft visits. Hey, here's some post modern draft speculation for you: is the fact that Fairley's not worried about it a sign of good character or another character concern itself? Dig on that for awhile.

No coach wants to deal with JaMarcus Russell

...not even his life coach. It's a pretty tragic fall, really, but hearing tales of a "life coach" quiting on him, it's hard not to turn it into a joke. A good reminder of why there needs to be some giveback on the rookie pay system in the CBA. 

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