2011 NFL mock draft: Fan input needed for the Rams' second round pick

The 2011 NFL mock draft by SBN's football editors has entered the second round. My colleagues just posted the 36th pick, North Carolina DT Marvin Austin, so the St. Louis Rams will be on the clock very soon. The most surprising pick was Washington QB Jake Locker by the Bills at #34. I really hope that Locker goes in the first round, specifically in the top 13 picks, for very selfish reasons. But, I'm not here to talk about Jake Locker; I need your help.

You can take a look at all the picks made so far right here. For the Rams first round pick, I went with Illinois DT Corey Liuget. Inside pass rush is the new outside pass rush, which is to say that as teams invest more and more in their interior offensive lines, just like they did left tackles, having an effective pass rush means having push from the interior as well as the edges. Balance. Football is the most beautiful of all sports because its Zen nature, the push-pull forces of nature acted out by people beating the living hell out of each other. Also, Liuget was the pick because Julio Jones was off the board, speaking of Zen simplicity. 

Help me make the next pick. Let's think about this by position. 

Receivers - If you believe the Rams need help at receiver, there's some talent left on the board. Options include: Jonathan Baldwin, Pitt; Torrey Smith, Maryland; Leonard Hankerson, Miami; Titus Young, Boise State.

Running back - Given the discussion we've had around running backs lately, this might be a good time to make a pick. There is some talent on the board. Mikel Leshoure, Illinois; Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech; Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State.

Guard - Another position of need, and one that earlier reports said the Rams would be looking to address in the early rounds. Players available: Rodney Hudson, Florida State; Will Rackley, Lehigh; Benjamin Ijalana, Villanova.

Linebacker - Not many 4-3 outside linebackers slotted for the second round, but Washington LB Mason Foster is available.

Secondary - I'm lumping the safeties and corners together for this one. Remember, there's a second round d-back that has Devaney "drooling." Best remaining picks: Aaron Williams, Texas; Brandon Harris, Miami; Rahim Moore, UCLA; Curtis Marsh, Utah State; Curtis Brown, Texas.

Defensive line - I probably shouldn't put any DTs here since I took Liuget in R1, but for the most fanatical best player available people, I will. Drake Nevis, LSU; Christian Ballard, Iowa; Pernell McPhee, Mississippi State; Pierre Allen, Nebraska.

Ok, now this post is going to be a little different. I've turned off the comments, just this one time, because I want to make sure we're repping the community in other venues. Tell me who you'd pick for the Rams second round in this particular mock by posting on the Facebook thread. You can also hit us up on Twitter @TurfShowTimes. Finally, if the social media ain't your thang, then shoot me an email. 

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