Would love this draft....

I have been obssessed with the NFL draft for as long as the Rams have been terrible.  I have been a Rams fan most of my life going back to the days when Jerome Bettis was on the team back in the LA days.  I think the current state of the team is promising but I think we are two to three starters away from being regular participants in the NFL postseason.  I also have tremendous faith in our front office. I think the way the team has drafted so far has been so calculated to produce a team which will become a consitant division champion.  I think this draft will be used to fill the holes with players as Devaney himself has said "score touchdowns and get to the quarterback". 


So with that said I will put together a little mock draft which I feel will fill some holes in the Rams roster with much needed play makers.  

Round 1: I think this pick will depend on a few major factors, the availability of Julio Jones, which prospects fall out of the top ten.  Things of this Nature.  The way I see this pick going is as such. 

The Rams Stay at pick number 14 and they select Cameron Jordan. 

I think he is an awesome fit for Spags system, he is a DE who can play DT.  Spagnuolo loves to play versatile DE inside on third down. I think Jordan is still under rated even after his fabulous showing at the senior bowl.  I think if we put him on the oposite side of Chris Long in a rotation with James Hall and Selvie. I think next year we will have a scary defensive line.  This will also set us up when Hall eventually retires, Cameron Jordan and Hall are similar players making for an easy transition.  He has fantastic size at 6-4 and 286 and was faster then expected at the combine.  I don't think the Rams can go wrong picking a player that was widely regarded as the most dominant at the senior bowl against other elite prospects.  


Round 2: I see this pick being another defensive player. A hole the size of the Grand Canyon in the Rams defense.  I would love to see the Rams land Marvin Austin here but I feel he will be long gone.

I see the Rams going with OLB Mason Foster. I think adding foster to the Weakside next to JL will give the Rams an awesome tandem for the next 10 years.  I think Strongside lineback is something the Rams can address in free Agency or stay with Naill Diggs who was servicable at Strongside last year.  Foster was slower then expected at the combine but I think his play on the field shows he is more then servicable for the NFL game.  

Round 3: This is where the Rams Address the WR position. I think we select a strong receiver in the mold of an Anquan Boldin

Greg Little should be the pick, as a former running back he plays a hard nose style of Receiver the Rams lack.  Think about Brandon GIbson tip toeing around in the 49er game instead of diving forward for the first down marker.  That wouldn't be the case with LIttle at 6-3 and 230 pounds he would be the most physical receiver the Rams have.  I think the presense of Denario Donnie Danny and Clayton will be servicable until the 2012 draft which will be loaded with top flight WR talent.  Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Alshon Jefferie. 

Round 4: This player I would be jump through my rough if the Rams were able to land him in the fourth round.  RB have been slipping in recent drafts and I can see him still being available when our fourth round pick rolls around.  

Shane Vereen out of cal Might be the most complete back in the draft and he is absolutely flying under the radar when it comes to draftniks and fans.  He led the RBs at the combine in the bench press at 31 reps, and also ran a surprising 4.47  which is faster then Ingram, Leshore, Williams and Thomas .  The most exciting aspect of his game is his pass catching ability.  I think he would be a perfect back up for SJAX and would add another play making threat to a Rams team that desperately needs it.  

Round 5 is where we add the guard we desperately need.  I see a few Guards being Available here.  Demarcus Love, John Moffit, Brandon Fusco, Will Rackley could be available at this pick and the Rams would be smart to choose the nastiest road Grader to help Sjax.  


Some players I wouldn't mind having if the some how are available when we pick.

Round 1: Robert Quinn, Julio Jones, Prince Amukamara, AJ Green

Round 2: Marvin Austin, Jaabal Sheed, Rodney Hudson, Marcus Gannon, Titus Young

Round 3: Jonathon Baldwin, Jordan Todman, Drake Nevis, Quinton Carter


So there is my dream Scenario, I have all the faith in the world in the front office. After all Devaney is from Monmouth County New Jersey guy.  When a guy is from the same area as Bruce Springsteen how could he go wrong.

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