my ideal draft

    I was at work today contemplating all the mock drafts I have seen up to now. I have liked some and loathed others. Yet, since its draft season, I cannot help but read all of them. I did a mock on here before and now that I have done more homework on the prospects I devised a draft today that in my opinion encompasses both need and value. Some picks may not seem ideal to some folks, but this is just for fun anyway.


Round 1. trade back anywhere to pick up an additional third round pick......pick-DT-Marvin Austin   NC.......This may seem like a reach to some, but I feel he has more upside then Paea or Liguit. All three of these guys will almost certainly be gone by the time we select in round 2, so really its not much of a reach to grab him late in the first round. 


Round 2. MIkel Leshoure  RB   Illinois.......This will be Jacksons heir apparent. If he is there, he is a similar back to Jackson in both size and style. If  the FO decides to trade Jackson in the near future in order to maximize his value then I think Leshoure, after a year of playing behind and with Jackson, would be ready to take over in his second season.


Round 3. (or i guess you could call it round Greg)  We would have 2 picks here, so really the order of picks isn't as important as the picks themselves..

                   Greg Jones    OLB   Michigan St. ..... I like Jones here. We definitely need help in the position and Jones is a tackling machine. 

                   Greg Little       WR     NC........ This pick would give us a great value and upgrade at the receiver position. I have said it before and I will again, I think he will be the steal of the draft. Freakishly athletic, not scared to go over the middle, and can certainly turn it on once he gets the ball in his hands.

Round 4.  Jaiquawn Jarret    S   Temple..... Honestly I don't know that much about this kid, but he sure looks good in round 4. Great value.

Round 5.    Demacus Love    OT/G   Arkansas...... Would be an improvement on the right side over Goldberg, which we really need if we want to keep the run game alive and well.

Round 7.    We have 2 picks here and I will not claim to know much if anything of the prospects this low in the draft. I will say that this is where we should take a chance on smaller school prospects. They may not have gotten noticed, but still played solid with flashes of NFL caliber talent. 


Of course this whole mock goes out the window if we can pick up Quinn or Jones with our 14th pick, otherwise I don't really like any of the other guys enough to spend the 14th on them. 

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