A Bright Future for the Rams Recieving Core... Maybe

It is said often around the league that a reciever's 3rd year in the NFL is supposed to be their breakout year, the year that their full potenial is shown on the field. If you think about it, we have a lot of talented young recievers on our offense.

This was supposed to be Avery's breakout year but unfortunately he had a season ending knee injury. But if his recovery goes as planned, I see hiim doing big things for years to come.

Moving on, it will be Brandon Gibson's third year. He already shown  signs of greatness this year by stepping up alongside Danny Amendola while Clayton and Avery were out.

Going on to Clayton. He was doing great as a St. Louis Rams and displayed great skill and chemistry with Sam Bradford. I expect him too start where he left off last year.

Moving on to Amendola, he had a great year and really made Sam Bradford's job easier. He is also moving into his third year in the NFL. With this great year he had, what can we expect from him the next year. Many people have compared him to Wes Welker, but I can see him possibly being even better.

Next we have the 2nd year vet Mardy Gilyard. He obviously didnt show Rams fans what we wanted to see out of him this year. But dont lose hope in him. I think the skill is still there, its just a matter of when it starts to show.

Now we have Laurent Robinson. Next year will be his fifth year so I dont know what to expect out of him. His receptions and TD's went up but not too much. So I honestly dont know what to say about him.

Lastly we have Danario Alexander. A player with a lot of skill but has had some injury problems. But I would say that he will be gettin over that in the next couple of years and will be a great reciever. He has the talent, and he will show it as soon as he can stay on the field for more than a month. I expect big things from this guy in the future.

So lets just say we pick up a reciever in free agency. Someone like Mike Sims-Welker or Plaxico Burress. It seems that whichever it would be it would be a upgrade. I would personally to have Burress and keep him for the rest of his career. He has consitant hands and doesnt have many injury concerns which the Billy Deaveany and Coach Spagnuolo will like since injuries plagued us in 2010.

So I leave you with this question " Where do you see our recieving core headed? To shame or fame?"

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