2011 Rams Mock Draft IIII

So this is my fourth edition of Rams Mock Draft. There have been many discussions in the past week or so i thought i could say what i think. Like all other of my mock drafts this one is if Julio Jones is taken prior to our pick and we sign a guard, reciever(Maybe not WR but its a possibility), and running back in FA.

Round 1

Aldon Smith, DE/OLB. . Anyway, the reason we take Aldon is we could use a standout DE aside from Chris Long. Im a bit of a Mizzou fan so i know if needed he can step in and play OLB. He has a very good pass rush and can stop the run. Plus James Hall is getting older so we'll need someoone to replace him. So if available look for Rodger Goodell to call out his name at pick 14. Other possible picks: Corey Luiget, Cameron Jordan, Mike Pouncey.

Round 2

Jarvis Jenkins, DT- Clemson. A big time run stopper who will help bring pressure off Fred Robbins the second we take him. A decent pass rusher but not one of the elites. But just imagine our D-line with Chris Long, Aldon Smith, Fred Robbins, and Chris Long. Looks pretty dang good to me. Other possible picks: Quinton Carter.

Round 3

Dontay Moch, OLB- Nevada. Now before you just write off this guy either do some research or listen to what i have to say. He has amazing speed for a OLB. He has a great pass rush and can shed blocks well. He is a big hitter and can cover the pass. He is durable so injury shouldnt be a problem. Other possible picks: Mason Foster

Round 4

Robert Sands, S- West Virginia. He can stop the run, has great height, and has the speed to prevent big plays. He also has good ball skills so he can make interceptions. Btw he is 6-4 so he can protect against long balls. Other possible picks: Derrick Locke.

Round 5

Marcus Gilchrist, CB- Clemson. Has average height and weight. Can defend the run very well and is a solid zone defender. He has high football IQ.

Round 7

 Ryan Winterswyk, DE- Boise State. I like this guy and think he has a lot of potential in the NFL. Had a more than imressive junior year with 41 tackles, 17 tackles for loss and nine quarterback sacks. He declined a little bit during his senior season due to playing some TE due to injuries. His senior stats are 42 tackles (19 solo) on the season, including 7.0 tackles-for-loss and 2.5 sacks. A can see this guy being a very solid DE in the NFL. Other possible picks: Mario Butler

Round 7

Eric Gordon, OLB- Michigan St.. He had a  pretty good junior season, with 93 tackles and eight tackles for loss. I know we already have a OLB but both of our OLB positions are terrible, not just one. Other possible picks: Pep Livingston


Now i know i didnt include a single offensive playyer in the draft but if we sign a gaurd, running back, and reciever what else do we need this year?

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