Qb's drafted playing a major impact

I wasn't sure whether or not to create a post about this or not since we have our franchise qb, but who is available and if we trade down depends on the qb's in the draft. Now I wanted to get a feel from people on TST as to who you guys thought would go before us and who the best qbs in the draft are. I think the top 6 qbs go as follows: 1.) Gabbert, 2.) Ponder 3.) Locker 4.) Newton, 5.) Mallet 6.) Kapernick and here is where I think they will be drafted.

1.) Blaine Gabbert (Mizzou)- drafted # 5 by Arizona Cardinals. Gabbert is the best qb in the draft even though Newton is getting completely hyped up by the media. Teams will take note of Elways' buyers remorse on the Tebow pick of last year. He could go the spot before to the Bengals but I honestly don't believe Palmer is going to retire but if he does I see the Bengals picking one up in free agency. Other Possibilities: Panthers at #1 (I believe they give Claussen another year)

# 4) Bengals: Carson Palmer comes back or they pick up a qb in FA. However AJ Green is selected here.

#6) Browns: Julio Jones is selected here as BPA.

#7) 49ers pass up on a qb in my draft and stick with Alex Smith.They take BPA and draft Robert Quinn.

2.) Christian Ponder (Florida St.)-drafted #8 by the Tennessee Titans. I don't believe in the Cam Newton hype and since Vince Young failed here, I don't believe they will go with an athletic upside qb. The Titans were pitiful last year and Chris Johnson got the SJAX treatment last year with 8 men in the box while the Titans had no passing game. Other Possibilities: Cam Newton here.

3.) Cam Newton (Auburn)- drafted # 15 by Miami. Miami doesn't have an adequate qb in Henne. They take BPA and pick Newton. I think the man will be a bust but I am not running front offices. The man won the national championship and the Heisman so he deserves credit.

4.) Jake Locker (Washington)- drafted # 25 by Seattle. Seattle is ecstatic that Locker falls this far and they pick the hometown boy to be their franchise quarterback of the future. Hasselbeck tutors him for a year, maybe two and Locker IMO will become a solid quarterback in the NFL with all his tools.

5.) Ryan Mallet (Arkansas)- second round to Washington

6.) Colin Kapernick (Nevada)- Buffalo in 3rd round

Note* Kevin Kolb will be going to another team. There is no way the Eagles keep him and Vick again this year.

Both Green and Jones are gone by the time we select. What do you guys think? What should the Rams do if this plays out?

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