A Really Intresting Mock Draft

So I clicked a link someone posted on here in refrence to a recent post by Draft Tek (sorry to who posted it) That had a "What if" scenerio about us trading our 14 to get AJ. I didnt like that idea too much but thought the original Mock (where we stayed @ 14) was really intresting and one that i could honestly say I'd be happy with. Has a full 7 round Mock and see for yourself how good it is. Granted it has guys falling and some questionable picks but as we all know the Draft is a strange event that doesnt really make sense and generally follow any order so its all subject to change but if it worked out this way I like many of you would be extremely happy with the up and hopefully coming year. I like it too much not to post it up here but i recommend you check it out and see who we get and who's available to see maybe we can skip a guy and pick some one else up at a much more needed position. Maybe some shuffling of needs and BPA in your opinion and post it here so i can get your input. So here it is

1Rd. Nick Fairley DT. Now I know what you all are thinking "NO way he falls that far" ok well let me hear why. But worst case scenerio if  this were to happen I would gush at the moment to see him in horns and solidify our Dline for yrs to come.

2 Rd. Jonathan Baldwin WR. Not my favorite WR but a good value here and BIG time size and ability. Notice who the next pick is? Maybe a push (Hankerson still around) but i wouldnt hate it and its not like we dont need one right?

3 Rd. Bruce Carter OLB. Good player better value and someone who can step in from day one (if healthy) and improve our Defense right away. Still some real good talent around but with a need and value we go this route.

4 Rd. Deunta Williams FS. Right away i love this pick. After the horrible event that took place resulting in the loss of Atogwe we desperately need a Playmaker to fill the Gapping void left. Plus I liked Williams from the start.

5 Rd. Chykie Brown CB. Another value pick to strengthen our back D and a solid player IMO (better than King,Dockery, and Butler) good value late in draft.

6 Rd. Graig Cooper RB. Not as quick or flashy as others still avail (Devine, Scott) but is powerful and played hard and has skills. I would go after another RB but thats me.

7 Rd. Ryan Winterswyk DE. Good Try hard guy with a motor and a big over achiver, Not really a big stat guy but a run stuffer/rotational guy who would surprise with his ability to produce under the radar.

There it is, Hate it or love it, it has some potential to bring us to the top again and with a few FA moves could be the reason why we get .500 or better. So tell me what you think, Who we can target instead of we drafted, Who would give us better value at wha Rd. All that good stuff.

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