2011 Rams Mock Draft II

This is my second Rams Mock Draft. I have made some changes based on what has happened in the past few day. Again this is what would happen if Julio Jones is gone because im expecting him to be gone. Hope you guys like it.


Round 1
There are two teams i am thinking the Rams are considering to trade with. The Colts and Chargers. I am torn on which it will be but lets just say it will be the Chargers.

Trade down to Chargers for their first and third round #18 picks.

Corey Luiget, DT- Illinois. This might be a little high for Luiget but maybe not. Either way we get a great playmaker who fills a need. I would say Luiget is more of a run stopper, but dont underestimate his pass rush ability. He can easily handle one on one and will finally take some pressure off of Chris Long. Other possible picks: Cameron Jordan, Mike Pouncey

Round 2

Quinton Carter, S- Oklahoma. What?! Yes its true. Im sorry to all the people hoping for Leanord Hankerson but it looks like it wont be happening. In a different post about the draft and of Bill Devaney talking about it. In a quote it said 

If it winds up we take a pass rusher with the first pick, a DB with the second pick, I guarantee you, Bradford would be the biggest one cheering on Sunday if our defense is playing really, really good. So, I'm saying it's huge [finding playmakers] but there are other parts of the team as well.

and there you go. If he said it, they're thinking it and if they're thinking it thers a good chance it could happen. So if we take Corey Luiget or a pass rusher in the first round we're going with a safety or cornerback. Quiton Carter is solid in almost every category. He is a solid pass defender while in both zone and man, could improve but like i said is decent. Also can step up and defend the run and is a great last line of defense. If not Corey Luiget be ready for Mike Pouncey or Cameron Jordan. Other possible picks: DeMarco Murray, Jonathon Baldwin

Round 3

Jaquizz Rodgers, RB- Oregon State. Steven Jackson and Jaquizz have already talked and are prolly hoping to be on the same team next year. Jaquizz has amazing speed and agility. He also has the ability knock people down. Not saying hes a Steven Jackson but he can do it.He has amazing return ability too. If Rodgers is gone by this pick, because he has been going up on the draft board, then look for DeMarco Murray or to wait till a later round. Other possible picks: DeMarco Murray, Jarvis Jenkins

Round 3 #18

Mason Foster, OLB- Washington. Arguably one of the biggest needs gets fill right here. The Rams take Foster to help James Laurinaitis. Like i said in the previous draft, he can stop the run, can drop back into coverage if needed and hold his own, and is a dependable tackler. Other possible picks: Jarvis Jenkins

Round 4

Greg Little, WR- North Carolina. The Rams should wait untill now to draft a reciever. Greg Little has very good hands, is hard to take down, and has decent speed. One thing he lacks is route running but that shouldnt be a huge problem. Other possible picks: Stephen Schilling

Round 5

Zach Hurd, G- Connecticut. Zach Hurd is a big, strong guys who would be a upgrade to our team. He is a pretty good blocker, like he can cut block, and he can sustain blocks. Other possible picks: Ricky Elmore

Round 6

Mario Butler, CB- Georgia Tech. Not a great CB as of now, but it is a need and so why not try him out and see if he can turn into one. Like i said not great but didnt have a terrible year in his final season at GT. Other possible picks: Eric Hagg

Round 7

Pep Levingston, DE- LSU. Will most likely not be a standout DE but i mean, what can you expect from a 7th rounder. Not much. He had only 70 tackles, 15.5 tackles for loss, and 3 sacks in his career at LSU. Other possible picks: Eddie Jones


There you go thats it.

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