The 14th Pick in the draft - a tough spot for the Rams?

[Note by VanRam, 02/20/11 6:18 PM EST ] Promoted from the fanPosts. Good reading, something to think about on a Sunday night.

Having witnessed how the MTD mock draft played out, I think the Rams are in a tough spot with the 14th pick.

In the MTD mock, Julio Jones went to the Vikings because they have concerns over Sidney Rice being their long term. Their reasoning makes sense to me, and only increases the list of teams that might take Jones before we are up.

Aldon Smith has been mentioned as an alternative. I’d be cool with this pick too, but he was taken by the Lions. Again, I understand why they took him, and it should make the Lions formidable along the D line.


All the other picks in the first 13 also made sense. Of course, these are being made by fans with detailed knowledge of their teams needs and draft strategies, so they should make sense. The point is, I could see the actual draft working out like this and I’m not keen on it.

In my opinion, the top targets left for the Rams would be Corey Liuget, Stephen Paea, Adrian Clayborn, Mike Pouncey and Jimmy Smith. I like these players, but not with the 14th pick; I’m not seeing the value.

My normal response would be to trade down and acquire more picks. The thought of trading our first for the Colts 1st and 2nd, and then trading down again with Bears for their 1st and 3rd, sounds great to me. Unfortunately, you have to convince the other team to go for it as well, and in a draft where (it seems likely) only draft picks can be traded, each pick is even more valuable than normal. Therefore, I suspect teams will be highly unlikely to bite on trading up.

The teams with enough fire power to move up appear to the Chargers and the Patriots. I don’t ever want to see us trade with the Patriots because I’m yet to see anyone get a fair deal out of them. The Chargers look an attractive option, but I don’t see who they would be in love with to move up. In short, trading down looks difficult.

Like almost everyone else we need more draft picks than we have, but my experience over at MTD has caused me to give consideration as to whether we should trade up to grab someone (read: Jones or Smith).

Anyone else think we should at least give consideration to trading up?

For anyone who hasn’t seen the results of the draft (and cares how it went) the picks for us were:

Round 1. Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois
Round 2. Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami
Round 3. Jordan Todman, RB, UConn
Round 4. Clint Boling, OG, Georgia
Round 5. Lawrence Wilson, OLB, UConn

The full draft outcome is here, and the write ups from the other fans were pretty interesting.

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