The Potential to be One of the Greats

I feel the Rams have the potential to be one of the greats in 2011. Why?  Well if you think about it then it is pretty obvious. We have many weapons coming so just be ready for a breakout season.


Everyone is saying that we need a wide reciever. Im not saying I disagree but i dont think it is all that bad. Assuming that we re-sign Clayton then it is going to be tough to cover. We have great speed in Avery, Alexander, and whoever we take in the draft. We have great hands in Clayton, Amendola, and again whoever we take in the draft whether its Leanord Hankerson, Randall Cobb, or Greg Little. Plus we are becoming more accepted by free agents as they realize our potential. The only real concern i have is injuries.

We have a prize in Steven Jackson. But lets be brutally honest in that he has about 3-4 great years left. That means we have to move fast and this year is the time to do it. I would say the SJ39 is more of a power back, which means it would be benificial to take a speedy, change of pace back in the draft or find one in free agency. Whichever it is it will help this offense out greatly.


Not much to say here. We have Sam Bradford who is a above average QB and we dont really need to work on that.


Our OL is not bad. We have Rodger Saffold who had a great rookie season and Jason Smith who arent bad at tackles. I would say our biggest concern is the guard position. We can either get one in the draft or in free agency. I dont care which it is as long as he produces. 


Our DL had a great pass rush this past year. I dont know who we should take in the draftbut its obvious we're gonna pick a DL  in the draft. I dont know if they will take a DE or DT. As of now i think Julio Jones will be gone in the first round so there are 2 things we could do. One- take either Corey Liuget, Ryan Kerrigan, or Cameron Jordan. Or two- Trade the pick to and take a DL then, and get a extra pick in the 2nd or 3rd round. The extra pick would be used for a OLB or OG. But the first round pick we got would be Cameron Jordan or Corey Luiget.

S's and CB's 

The Rams released O.J. Atogwe a couple days ago but i think they will be re-signing him. Even if they do sign him they still could us a safety oppisite to him. As for CB the Rams have Ron Bartell and a whole lot of others. I see the Rams picking up a CB from free agency or in the 5th round of the draft.


The Rams have a stud in James L. at MLB. But they dont have any talent to back him up. There are a couple free agents that they have been looking and thats the road i think they might take. But if they dont pick one up by the deadline sometime in early March then they will definately be getting on in the draft.


Im not saying that they will go 16-0 next year.  Prolly not even 11-5, but i could see 10-6 or 9-7. But in the next 2-3 years they could possibly go 12-4, 13-5, or 14-2 with some good drafts. But in the end for 2011 my prediction is that we will go 9-7. I say that because we will most likely win one or two as underdogs, we might loose one that we should win but not too often. 

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