Tracking the Rams' needs - update 1

  So I tallied the numbers at 11:00pm ET.  Simple averages, and we get a decent sense of what the TST community thinks the team needs.

  A couple notes:

 - If you haven't filled it out, you can add your two cents here (and remember, a 1 means we don't need any change at the position whereas a 10 means we need to address the position this offseason with a sizeable investment).

 - I tried to keep all the votes, wacky though many of them were, intact so as not to disrupt the natural voting process.  There were a couple that were pretty obviously backwards.  So GreetingsADM, KBRams, Bronx_Bomber26, jlcdb70, Peteyweestro, 808Ram and jatty, if you didn't vote backwards, let me know and I will switch your votes back.  I can't promise I won't slap you though, because that would make your votes unbelievably wacky.

 - I'll keep the form open for a minute, but I might not give another table of averages for a while.  In fact, I might be out of the internet loop for a couple days if things don't fit into the blocks out here.  If that's the case, here's hoping the averages from the early returns are enough to supplement Van's stuff.

 - So just to reiterate for the word skippers, 1=we're good; 10=position needs help.

position avg. (descending)
OLB 8.762
WR 8.548
G 8.031
DT 6.778
RB 6.643
DE 5.778
SS 5.516
CB 5.333
RET 5.143
TE 4.254
FS 4.087
C 3.325
OT 2.786
QB 2.079
MLB 2.071
K 1.683
P 1.341


A couple of observations:

 - I'm surprised the defensive line positions didn't get more weight.  I am praying the FO is of the same mind as me and doesn't want to go into 2011 with the same starting defensive line.  Whether it's from free agency whenever a new CBA is hammered out or through the draft, I would love to see a difference maker on the line added.

 - I'm also surprised at the lack of a push for a new return man.  Maybe it's the love for Amendola.  He's a good guy and I think he'll be a vital component of our passing game, but he's been average on returns.  I'd like to see more explosiveness at the position, especially if it can come from someone who plays a less vital role.  To have Amendola risk injury in the return game \as important as he was in 2010 in such a depleted WR group was pretty ballsy.

 - And maybe the most off-base voting based on emotion has to be QB.  A 2.079?  Are we really that confident in A.J. Feeley as the backup?  Sure, we don't need to spend an important draft pick on a backup, but I'm not that keen on the depth if Feeley and Thad Lewis are our only insurance policies on Sam Axeford.


  I'll revisit the final voting in a week or so, depending on how the pace of voting.  I've got another form to throw out after that that should isolate our priorities for the draft so we get a sense of the CW in these parts.

  Aight, TST.  If y'all don't hear from me for a minute, just know I've got plenty of game tape on my external hard drive to go a week without the internet.  I may have some withdrawal issues, but I'll be back when I can.


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