Offseason Dreams (as opposed to current nightmare)

Call me crazy, but I still see quite a bit of potential on the Rams current roster. The problem is, the majority of it is on the Injured reserve. OK, I admit it, I am an eternal optimist, but this season could actually work to the Rams advantage when it is all reviewed from our 2015 super bowl party. Between the high draft picks and free agents available, the major issues we have can be effectively addressed and depth can be established as well. If a coaching change has to happen (I'm not sure it does, but with a 2 win season it is likely) bring in an experienced head coach. There are rumors that Tom Coughlin is on the hot seat in NY and I would definitely add him to the list with Jeff Fisher and Brian Billick. Regardless of what happens with Spags, they HAVE to get Bradford a dedicated QB coach. Whether he is continuing to learn / run McDaniels system, or has to learn a 3rd in 3 years, he needs dedicated coaching to succeed. Whether a move is made regarding the GM remains to be seen. Now for the fun part...The draft.

1) Matt Kalil OT USC I finally have come to the conclusion that we need to use the number 2 overall pick. I had been a proponent of trading down, but in looking at the potential trade partners, most do not have enough of a need to trade to number 2 and give us enough to make it worth our while. We might as well get the best lineman available and start creating some protection as well as some running lanes.

2) Kendall Wright WR Baylor A month ago, I would have had Ryan Broyles here without a second thought. But watching Kendall Wright beat Corners and safeties DEEP week after week, I am sold on him. I understand that he had Robert Griffin III throwing perfect passes to him in stride, but on a lot of those he had 3 or 4 steps on the DB!! He runs clean routes, makes quick moves and gets good separation. He also provides the deep threat to open the middle and short routes for Lloyd, Amendola and Clayton (when healthy).

3) Levi Adcock OL Okie State I know I will probably catch the most flack for this pick, but the O-line must be rebuilt. Adcock projects as a guard in the NFL. Moving Saffold to right tackle and Kalil at Left, Adcock would give a solid injury option at tackle and prosper at guard. He is an effective run blocker and good pass blocker as well. With Harvey Dahl at the other Guard, the potential of a dominant line is off the charts. Yes, I have given up on our other franchise tackle as a bust. With multiple concussions his days are over.

4) Tydreke Powell DT UNC Solid run stuffer and gets decent push for a pass rush. Would force double teams consistently and actually could be a surprise standout.

5) Jelani Jenkins OLB Florida Great speed sideline to sideline and can effectively provide coverage on RB's and Tight ends. Great speed up the field on blitz and stunt.

Really from this point it becomes best available on a given pick. Some of the late round or free agent possibilities I like are Trevin Wade, CB Arizona, Marc Tyler, RB USC, Lance Dunbar, RB North Texas, Rueben Randle WR, LSU, and Denarlo Belcher, WR Indiana.

Some of the Free Agents that have my attention are Fred Davis, TE, Redskins. Doubt they let him get away. I think he is their leading receiver this year. Of course there are always Dwayne Bowe and Pierre Garson, but they would be more of an option if we were not able to keep Lloyd. Laron Landry from the Redskins could be a help at safety, and Ben Grubbs from the Ravens if we want additional help on the line.

There you have it. My dreams are to have everyone on IR healthy or traded for more draft picks by the time it all rolls around. I am ready to be blasted for my 3rd round pick, so let me know what you think.

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