What I noticed (or didn't notice) at Candlestick Park yesterday.

I apologize but I totally forgot to bring my camera, and my phone takes lousy pictures so I've got nothing.

1. Billy Devaney and (separately) Kevin Demoff were both on the sidelines chatting during pregame. I am not sure why, but I didn't expect them to be at an away game. Maybe they are making a show of not giving up and are evaluating the roster talent. Billy Devaney is really short.

2. The young CB's seemed to be the most interested in playing. They had energy and enthusiasm. On this team, that really stood out.

3. Jerious Norwood is really skinny. No wonder he's always hurt.

4. Dominique Curry is bigger than I thought.

5. With one notable exception, Steven Jackson looks just about as big as his linemen.

6. That one notable exception is Harvey Dahl. That dude is a goon (and I mean that in a good way).

7. The offense had no passion from the get go.

8. The defense is a pretty good unit. They need help on the other side of the ball. This is nothing new, just worth repeating.

9. Craig Dahl was mostly awful.

10. I never noticed Robert Quinn.

11. In real life, the balls that hit our WR's in the hands and they still drop are even more embarrassing than when watching them on TV.

12. The Niner fans didn't believe me when I called the Brit Miller run on 3rd and 1. Pity from the Niners fans is the worst kind of pity. I had plenty of it nonetheless. I'd rather fight.

13. I noticed a 260 pound kid (Aldon Smith) crush a 300 lb man (Adam Goldberg). Aldon Smith is pretty good, but I can't give him credit when Goldberg is quite simply, horrible.

14. I did not notice Danario Alexander except for the one deep incomplete.

15. I did not notice Lance Kendricks.

16. I heard Chris Long had a good game, but his work was mostly on the far side of the field from me.

17. Quentin Mikell was pointing to Crabtree right after the snap of the ball on the TD pass.

18. The Rams defensive gameplan seemed to be "Don't let Frank Gore beat us. Make Alex Smith beat us." Alex Smith looked average most of the game, but the pass to Crabtree was beautiful and other than that, average was more than enough to overcome the 0 points we scored.

19. I can't count more than 2 times we were in Niner territory all game. Was there more?

20. I noticed Steven Jackson standing alone on the sideline in the second quarter, clean. That's just not right.

21. I saw Steven Jackson standing next to Sam Bradford (nobody else around) on the sideline in the fourth quarter talking. Jackson had his helmet on. The Rams were on offense. I'd pay $100 to hear that conversation.

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