Where the Rams Fucked Up

Well as I watched another poor display by this sorry excuse of a football team a couple of thoughts came to my head, 1. I guess I'll start putting pics of half naked chicks on TST now... and 2. Why did this Rams team build before Sam even got here. Yes I'm well aware that he didn't play today, but this question has dawned on me throughout the season and I'll explain more after the jump..

Now what I mean by build around him before he ever got here is look at this team when he first got here and now, not much of a change at all:

When he first got here Sam had still one of the worse lines in the NFL (covered up by the dink and dunk) and one of the worst Wrs corps that honestly I've ever seen. I mean we could have put in some college Wr corps and they would have shown our guys up. The most pathetic part is we had a fucking slot receiver playing as our #1, what the fuck is that? The only savings grace on this Rams team when he first got here was his OC saved him with the dink and dunk and he had one of the most underrated Rbs of all time maybe in SJax. Now, he still has one of the worse lines in the game and even though he has a serviceable Wr in Lloyd, this Wr corps is still on of the worse in the NFL with SJax still.

Now I ask you why weren't they building before Sam got here, did they think "oh we'll just throw him to the wolves and he'll save our asses"? I mean look at some of the most successful Qbs in the league and even though the media makes it sound like they came in and did it alone they didn't.

Peyton had Marvin Harrison and Soon after Reggie Wayne

Stafford has Calvin Johnson

Matt Ryan had Roddy White and soon after Julio Jones

And I could go on and on but I don't want to beat a dead dog, and again what does Sam have? An aging Rb and an aging Wr who will need to be replaced in a couple of year, can you feel the excitement?

Now for my concern, and I really hope I'm wrong but I really hope they don't ruin another talent player's career. I mean what if SJax was on a team that could get him the surrounding cast that he needed to cement his name in history, sure he did that but what does he have to look back on? Several years of wasted effort that has amounted to what, not 1 winning season and not a chance to showcase his talent in the playoffs. Sure he wants to stay a Ram ( and for that we should thank our lucky star ) but at what cost?

Now as for Spags and Co. I think it's very simple, surround your franchise with talent and call me crazy but I still don't think we fire him, maybe Devaney. My problem with firing Spags is it's a scapegoat trick. Ok you've fired the HC and hired a new one, this does not mean that the players will play better in any way, so then what first that HC too? At some point you're just going to have to call it like it is and blame the source, the players. Where is their heat and desire to play the game, from what I'm seeing they've lost that to play this season, and just because you bring in a new coach doesn't mean they'll get that back. Bringing in a new HC is as my grandpa used to say "covering a big ass gash with a band-aide". Just like i said Sam was being used as a scapegoat for this team and now Spags is. Now don't get me wrong if Stan does fire him I won't shed a tear or lose any sleep, but there are bigger problems that need to be settled, like the atrocious Offensive Play calling, the lack of play makers on the team and so forth. My main point that I'm trying to raise is that the blame has to go all around, not just to one player.

So thanks for reading and now back to thought one...



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