Rams vs. 49ers Recap: The Quick Five

Jim Harbaugh thanks Tim Tebow that he isn't the coach of the Rams.

Utter destruction. That's the only way you can look at what happened yesterday. I'm hesitant to actually call it a game because it was really only practice for the now division champion 49ers. The Rams are really two different teams. On defense, they show motivation, and even with 82.59 CB's on the injured reseve, they still seem to put something together that resembles a professional team.

On the other side, the offense is one of the worst in the history of professional sports. They are averaging less than a touchdown a game, which is seemingly impossible (seriously, you'd think luck would step in here and throw the Rams a bone). Anyone who thinks McDaniels should stick around should seriously take a look at the Rams offense. If Tim Tebow can win games, then Josh McDaniels should sure as hell be able to win some too.

Quick Five after the jump.

Grade Person of Interest


Good God this team is horrible on offense. At this point, the Rams should be drawing an excessive celebration penalty for any scoring play, because it's such a rare occurrence that it should be celebrated. Josh McDaniels took a unit that sucked and turned it into the slime on the bottom of a shoe. Yeah, you're right, he should probably stick around.

Chris Long, DE

It's official everyone, Chris Long is a stud. I don't know who you should credit, but he has turned into a legit defensive end. The Rams are going to be hard pressed to keep him around if they keep dropping games like this.

James Laurinaitis, MLB

The Rams have some talent on the defensive side. It's so unfortunate to see it go to waste. The Rams defense did everything it could to stop the 49ers' attack, but when your offense is only the field for 23 minutes, things can get out of hand quickly.

Steve Spagnuolo

I feel sorry for the guy. I mean, the defense has been playing well but the team is so anemic that it's hard to overlook. Unfortunately for Spagnuolo, he has plenty of excuses, but no results. I don't expect him to be the head coach after this season, for better or worse.

St. Louis Rams

I don't know what to say anymore. Quite simply, you guys are a horrible excuse of a football team.

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