Much to Do

The Rams have a lot to do this offseason. If they want to get back into the hunt and be a playoff contender then they need to make many moves.

Front Office

They need to start with getting rid of Billy Devaney. He just hasn't done what we needed him to. Not to say he didn't do anything good, but I would say he is .500 as for as hits and misses go and we need better than that. I like the idea of John Dorsey to replace him. He is in charge of college scouting for the Packers. Based on the Packers success I would choose him almost over any other candidate.

As far as keeping Spags goes, I definitely think we should. Yes, he has had some questionable/bad decisions, but every coach does. Bill Bilichick has, Rex Ryan has, and even Jon Gruden has. The point is that it happens to everyone and you can't help it no matter how hard you try. But you can try and keep the amount of them down. I think with everything that has gone on this year it's hard to blame him for everything. You can't blame him for injuries or the lockout. The lockout took away valuable time from McDaniels teaching his playbook. So we should keep him.

Trades/Free Agents

The main point of this was to just throw out the idea of trading Steven Jackson. Don't get me wrong, because he is awesome. It's just that right now he would be a highly coveted running backer, but he is on his last legs. There are three main reasons we should trade him: One. We can probably get two first round picks for him plus extra mid-late round picks which would build the team if we pick right . He could be a team's key piece to going into the playoffs and contending for the Superbowl. One team to look out for this would be the Lions. Two. like I said earlier, he doesn't have much life left, about one or two good years left. And three. Maybe one of the most important reasons is that he deserves to get a ring. He has worked harder than anyone on this team for years and hasn't gotten anything to show for it. We owe it to him to get him on a good contending team. Keep in mind that this is only an idea, I am not all for it just yet.

As far as free agents go we should sign a top tier guard if at all possible.If we do end up trading Jackson then we should pick a running back up also.

2012 Draft

We need playmakers, not elite tackles. with that we should take Justin Blackmon. He is a vertical threat and he and Lloyd, Salas, and Amendola would be a great receiving core. To everyone who thinks we need Matt Kalil, I agree. We just don't need him as much as we need Blackmon. We don't need an elite tackle to protect Bradford, we just need solid starters. I think we can get one or two if them in the draft. I am a fan of Ben Jones in the third to take over as center. We should get a running back in the second. Chris Polk would be the best choice IMO.


If we do most of these things then there is almost no doubt in my mind that we can win the division in two years.

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