2012 St. Louis Rams Offseason Bold Predictions

1. Cadillac Williams will be a Ram in 2012

- Cadillac has been injured for the latter part of the season, but he has been effective when he has played in the absence of Steven Jackson. Cadillac's season will be remembered by 2 plays: the screen pass he forgot to catch against the Giants & the screen pass against Dallas where he fumbles and caused Jason Smith to be lost for the season. Williams is solid, and he will be back with hopefully, a young RB to go along with SJ39.

2. Mark Clayton will not be a Ram in 2012

- Poor Mark Clayton, injured again. With a team that has a ton of injured receivers, why would they need Clayton? I don't see room for a guy like him, even though I appreciate his efforts from last season.

3. Brandon Lloyd, Danario Alexander, and Austin Pettis will be Rams in 2012

- Lloyd should be resigned by any way possible. Picture this WR core: 1) Brandon Lloyd 2) Draft Pick (Hopefully Justin Blackmon) 3) Danny Amendola 4) Greg Salas 5) Danario Alexander 6) Austin Pettis 7) Who knows?? DX has so much potential to make a big play, and I think that raw ability in a limited role will keep on this team. Pettis has nice hands and could be deadly with Amendola and Salas. I like this group.

4. Billy Bajema, Stephen Spach, Ben Guiduli, and Jake McNeill are all gone; Big Mike stays

- Well Lance Kendricks is staying. That is fact. Bajema has been really bad this season blocking, and the other 3 guys are just not any good. Michael Hoomanawanui has ability and I like that about him. I know he has injury problems, but he will stay. I also expect the Rams to sign a veteran TE that can help out the 2 young guys.

5. Rodger Saffold and Jason Smith start the season as the 2 Bookends

- These 2 young guys have so much talent, and how are you really move Smith? Look at all the money you are gonna have to pay him anyways. The Rams cannot take Matt Kaklil from USC. I am tired of taking linemen in drafts high now (Long and Quinn are nice, so is Smith, but like Carriker, Pickett, Kennedy, Barron, and Lewis... ugh, TIRED!) I like Saffold's ability and Smith's overall talent too much to move them.

6. Adam Goldberg and Mark LeVoir will be the backup tackles next season

- I like Goldberg's ability to fill in everywhere and he is a good presence in this young line and I like LeVoir's ability, and they will be both be cheap options.

7. Jason Brown will be the starting LG, and the C is not on the roster

- Brown has played a lot better at guard than center, and I really believe Jacob Bell will not be back next season because he is not really worth it. I also like Tony Wragge but as a backup interior lineman. The starting center is not on the roster.

8. Darell Scott will be cut; Fred Robbins will stay in a limited role; Rams draft a DT early

- If Spags is gone, Scott makes no sense to keep. Scott can't beat out a 35 year old DT, Justin Bannan, or a cheap 3rd option in Gary Gibson. I love a guy like Gary Gibson, he is a very cheap option who plays his ass off every game and should be played in a limited role. I like Bannan's ability, especially in the run defense (even though the team is horrible in run defense), and give a guy like Fred Robbins a breather. Robbins shouldn't have to play so many snaps next season. James Hall should also move over in some situations at DT with Robert Quinn next to him. The Rams should also draft a starting DT.

9. Chris Chamberlain will be the starting WLB; Poppinga will be on the roster, but will not be a starter

- I like the way Chamberlain has started this season, and ofcourse his special teams work. He is a cheap option who is making the most out of his ability. I like some things Brady Poppinga does, but he can't cover at all. He is physical guy that is also a very cheap option, but he shouldn't start. He provides great depth. Josh Hull will be be the backup to James but everybody else (Kehl, Coles, Nixon) will be gone.

10. Ron Bartell & Bradley Fletcher Will be the Starting Corners next season; another CB will be drafted

- These 2 were hurt all of this season, and Bartell career may have ended. Fletcher has another leg injury but I think both guys will bounce back. The Rams should draft another corner to have depth along with Jerome Murphy, Josh Gordy, and maybe guys like Rod Hood, Marquis Johnson, or Justin King. A solid group in my mind.

11. James Butler will be cut; Craig Dahl will remain

- James Butler has completely fallen off the face of the earth and is too old and is getting paid too much. I like Craig Dahl still. He can't cover anybody in a pee wee league football league if he tried but this guy can tackle. He is sure tackler compared to the starter Darian Stewart who I like a lot. The Rams should bring in a safety who is good in coverage to offset a guy like Dahl.

12. Donnie Jones will be resigned; Josh Brown will be cut

- Donnie Jones has been a top 5 punter in the league since he has been a Ram. He should definitely be back next season and further. Josh Brown, however, has been really bad this season. Why would the Rams want to pay a guy who can't make kicks? Beats me.

13. The Rams will trade whatever draft pick they have in the 2012 Draft.

14. Billy Devaney has a lot better shot of being fired than Spagnuolo

Thanks for reading!! Go Lambs!!

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