Keys to the Kingdom...Part 2 Free agency and the Draft

In a previous post, I discussed the possible moves I would make regarding coaching and management if I were given unlimited power by Stan Kronke to rebuild the Rams. I picked a GM and a Head Coach and made a couple of coaching suggestions on both sides of the ball. This will probably not look like many other Mocks because I like to look at some options. One of my favorite options is dealing with Dan Snyder and the Redskins. More after the jump.

Snyder loves the spotlight and will make some boneheaded decisions to get it. He also loves big names and making a splash. Assuming we suck bad enough to get the number 1 overall pick, I think Snyder will pay a lot to get Andrew Luck.

Just for fun, I am also going to do everything I can to sign Fred Davis, their star tight end, away from them in free agency. The other priority targets on the free agent market are Pierre Garcon, WR Colts and of course re-signing Brandon Lloyd. Considering the amount of Cap space we will gain in 2013, I am going to wait until then to do much more shopping on the F.A market.

With all of that being said, here is the scenario I see with the Redskins. Snyder wants Luck very badly, but other teams are in the running. To make sure he gets his man, Snyder makes a deal with the Patriots for their 2 first round picks this year. He gives them his 3 and 4 this year and his 2 and 4 next year in exchange for their 2 late first rounders this year. He approaches the Rams with the offer of 3 first round pick this year, (7, 30 and 31) and his second round pick this year(42) and his 3rd next year. So in this year's draft we have overall picks 7, 30, 31, 33, 42, and 65 in the first 4 rounds. I am going to list the prospects I would hope for at each pick. Depending on who we got in a previous pick, would determine the next one. Hopefully it will make more sense as you look at it.

7. Reiley Reiff, OT, Iowa // Jonathan Martin, OT Stanford // David Decastro, OG Stanford (This group is interchangeable in my opinion. Reiff and Martin are the best tackles by far after Kalil. Decastro may be one of the best Guards to come out in quite a while. In order of preference it would probably go Decastro and then either one.)

30. Brandon Thompson, DT Clemson // Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin (Kind of depends on what happens with the coaching situation at this point. Would lean toward Konz since a Center can help take the coverage / protection calls off of Bradford, and would help with OL depth. If we run the same defense as we are now, I like Thompson. If we Switch to a 3-4 scheme, would look at more of a true NT.)

31. Nick Perry, DE / OLB USC // Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB, Ill. ( Pretty obvious that OLB is a concern, but with the coaching / scheme uncertain, flexibility is key with this pick. Both can play both rolls.)

33. Chase Minifield, CB, Virginia // Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin (I love Minifield here, but not sure he will still be on the board. If he is, he will be an upgrade over our STARTERS when they are at 100%. Toon has the size and speed to be a red zone nightmare.

42. Kelechi Osemele, G, Iowa State // Dwight Jones, WR, UNC ( I doubt we could UPGRADE Corner here, so if we end up with Toon, I would take Osemele. Sorry guys, but an outstanding line can make every skill player look better. If we got Minifield with the previous pick (SWEET!!), would take Jones here. I know many have Jones rated over Toon, but based on what I have seen personally, I prefer Toon. Would be awesome if we got both Minifield and Toon.)

65. Travis Lewis, OLB, OU // Levi Adcock, OT, OSU (Travis Lewis had a hurt foot most of this year. He came back early, but never looked the same. Healthy, this guy can fly and has a nose for the ball. Adcock has a mean streak and could be used at RT, or either Guard.)

So there we have it. We have given Bradford weapons through free agency and potential weapons in the draft. We have established a core for an O-line that should end up being incredible, and have addressed the most glaring holes on the defense.

This year is the time to load up in the draft. Next year we have more salary cap space and can look at free agents. I didn't address running back, because I still think SJax has a couple of years in him and I am a firm believer that a great line make good running backs look great. If we keep Cadillac Williams as a back up or even pick up a back like Cristine Michael or Cyrus Gray from Texas A&M in the later rounds, we will at least be as good or better than this year, and then can look at using a higher pick on a RB next year.

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