2012 Rams Mock Draft IV

As of right now I think the Rams are getting the #1 pick. The Colts have momentum going into the Jags game plus the Jags suck completely. The Rams on the other hand are awful and are playing the 49ers. So it's looking good for us to get the #1 pick. I think the thing to do is trade down to Miami who could go anywhere from 8-10. So I'm going to go in between and say 9. So with that trade we move to #9. In addition we get their 2nd, 3rd, and fourth this year. Plus their 1st and 3rd next year. I have heard something like 3 first rounders but I think that is a little too far fetched.

Round 1

Jonathon Martin, OT- Stanford. We might not get Matt Kalil who is going to be a stud, but we get a very good OT. And for everything we are getting I am just fine with it. We get all those picks plus a franchise LT. Did a great job protecting Andrew Luck the past three years.

Round 2 #1

Kendall Wright, WR- Baylor. Now that I actually saw tape on him I like what I see. Could be the next DeSean Jackson if we're lucky.

Round 2 #9

Lamar Miller, RB- Miami. Speedy guy with big play ability could be the right guy to complement Steven Jackson. Will be a solid backup and help prolong SJ39's career.

Round 3 #1

Danny Trevathan, OLB- Kentucky. It was between Danny and Sean Spence. But Danny has better size and better stats so I go with him. You heard about him in T.Ram's post.

Round 3 #9

Ben Jones, C- Georgia. We need to solidify the offensive line with this pick. IMO he could easily be the starter at Center and move Tony Wragge back to Guard.He didn't do well in his first game against Boise State and Billy Winn but has done very good since then.

Round 4 #1

Shaun Prater, CB- Iowa. Had a great year last year with 68 tackles, 4 INTs, and 6 passes broken up. This year he didn't do near as good with 46 tackles, 4 forced fumbles, and 1 INT. I am willing to take a chance on him even though he regressed a little bit.

Round 4 #9

Tydreke Powell, DT- North Carolina. Would be the solid run stopper we need now that Fred Robbins is playing awful. He didn't do as good as expected but I still think taking him in the fourth round is safe.We should take a look at Slyvester Williams if available but I have heard he might be going back to school.


This is best case scenario IMO. We would fill all our biggest needs in the first 4 rounds and get extra picks next year. Keep in mind that these guys will all be rookies so don't expect them all to have great first seasons. We have to give them time. But in two or three years they all should be developed and ready to roll.

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