How the rams could win against the Steelers

Now after reading the title you may think I need to check into the hospital but after looking at some highlights of the 49ers-steelers game there are somethings we can do.


1) Use Steven Jackson- Obvious right? but what is the biggest fear we rams fan have into the next game? James Harrison throwing Kellen down to the ground. We use Steven Jackson so that they have to ease up on the blitzes because we know what happens when Jackson gets to the next level.

2)Use screens-Again prevent them from blitzing.

3)Use roll outs- Clemens showed us his scrambling skills and this will us avoid the blitz again.

4) Go deep-Show them that were not scared and force them to keep Troy back in coverage.

5) Dont turnover the ball-We did good last week not turning over the ball.

Now some people will say what about converting on 3 down. Well, that goes without saying, but if they follow this and just pace them selves its possible.


1) Bring pressure- Again obvious but with the steelers using there backup and needing a win to try to win the division, they'll be under pressure to preform. We won agianst the Saints because of the pressure we put on Brees.

2) Stop the run- Mendhall is not having a great season so far but he hasn't met the rams yet. However he is kind of fumble prone and Mikel did force 2 fumbles against the bengals so we have some hope.

3)Quinn should go on beast mode- Chris long will be the person most focused on so if Quinn can produce we'll surprise them from the back door.

4) Force turnovers- The defense needs to keep themselves of the field as long as possible. They may also need to score for the Rams to have a chance.

All in all, I believe that the Rams can win against the Steelers as they won against the Saints. But what I'd really like to see is McDanials going crazy and our offense either blows up or blow themselves up, because what else to we have to lose. But we still need to beat the 49ers, no wimping out there.

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