Rams were bad before injuries

Starting QB Sam has sucked all season( he may be great later on) and this only means that he has sucked not that we should trade him and all that so dont have a heart attack. the backups are terrible.

Starting RB SJ is awesome like always and caddy and norwood were good adds i dont blame spags and billy on this they did a good job injuries hurt this unit alittle.

FB miller is ok nothing to write about here.

TE Kendricks,billy,spach is the worst TE group in football with or without injuries they just suck.

OL Saffold didnt play well ,Bell is garbage and resigning him was retarded, Brown is a lazy fat mess,Dahl is ok to good,Smith is terrible beyond belief but i dont blame spags for sticking with him becuase i dont know who saw this coming with this big softie loser. injuries have happened to the line but it makes u spags lovers forget that they sucked b4 the injuries so its not really worst its bad now it was bad then.

WR this group is our worst group our 6th string DBs are better then this bunch of morons, Gibson- shouldnt be allowed to play in teh canadian football league. LLoyd is the onbly bright spot , DX is always injuried the rest i wont even bother. the fact that spags thought he could win any games with this bunch is a big reason why he needs to go.

DL has played ok , you guys seem to always dismiss the fact that we are the worst against the run like it means nothing or some say well we always sucked against the run so its not spags fault. really so a coach after 3 years shouldnt get better at a certain aspect of the game that we are terrible at lol.anyway some good talent here Long Quinn the rest can go.

LB they SUCK. JL55 is a beast the rest are garbage minus maybe Chamberlain.

DBs injuries hurt here. this is the only spot on the team i can say "yes if we were healthy here we would be better" thats because the guys who were the starters were good unlike the OL which had bad starters and equally bad backups. i hope you guys will process that and then wait 10 minutes before you go on the spags is great rant.



We have 18 guys that we can watch playing and not puke. 18 , so in 3 years spags and billy have got 18 guys on their team that doesnt suck ass. even if all these guys were healthy we would still suck and not all these 18 are great they are just not sickening bad like most our team.

here are some guys on IR that ppl say if they were healthy we would be better. Jason smith who Goldberg has outperformed , ppl say that if guys like him were healthy we would have a better line lol poor spags for losing a player like Smith. I know spags has done a lot like lose 30+ games for our team and for this you guys love him but put your homerism aside for 5 min

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