First Round Pick

There are several options we can take with this pick. The two most popular ideas people have us picking are Matt Kalil and Justin Blackmon. You've heard both sides of the story: Give Bradford some weapons. Or, give him protection. I'm going to check all sides of the story. (This has a lot of videos in it so just make sure you have time to see them)

Keep second pick, take Kalil

So if Kalil enters the draft and we are drafting two we would be hard pressed not to take him. He has been compared to both Jake Long and Joe Thomas. That is the premier group of tackles in the league. He would be able to protect Bradford for quite a while. With him on the left side and Saffold on the right the perimeters should be solid for many, many years.

Matt Kalil NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

0:18- Does exactly what he is supposed to. Protect the QB.

0:50- more of the same.

3:06- Again, good gob protecting Barkley.

4:12- Yes, even Matt Kalil can get beat.

Keep second pick, take Blackmon

Blackmon should give Bradford something he hasn't had since his days in Oklahoma. A true number one wide-receiver. He and Lloyd could be a pretty team to help Bradford.

WR Justin Blackmon NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

0:40- Good catch deep over Prince.

1:12- Just embarrasses Prince. If only we could pull this off...

1:57- Comes back and gets the TD.

3:54- Doesn't show his receiving ability but does show off his moves.

4:48- Breaks a tackle. Breaks another. Gets the first.

7:04- Shows big play ability.

Keep second pick, take Claiborne

We have a need at corner just because they have gotten injured. Injuries have killed this team especially the corners. I don't know how Fletcher is going to be with his knee injury so might want to look at Claiborne.

Morris Claiborne NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

0:30- Comes across the field to tackle Mr. Cam Newton.

3:48- Good coverage, keeps receiver from making catch.

4:02- Nice INT in the endzone.

Trade second pick, take Maritn

If Kalil doesn't enter this could be the way to go. Martin has done a really good job protecting Andrew Luck. This would fill our need at the tackle spot. If we trade down we would probably get an extra second round pick which we could use.

Jonathan Martin NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

0:57- washes defender out and creates a running lane.

1:07- washes defender and gets to second level.

1:48- Gives Luck time to find a man.

4:07-I did a negative for Kalil so I'll do one here.

Trade second pick, take Floyd

Floyd could be a top ten guy if it wasn't for his character. He would give Bradford a weapon just like Blackmon would.

WR Michael Floyd NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

0:26- Makes nice catch and gets the first.

0:59- Goes up and makes tough catch for first.

2:24- Goes deep and makes catch.

3:55- Nice route, nice catch.

5:54- Slant, shows good YAC.

6:48- Goes deep, goes up, gets the TD.

If it were me I would rather trade down and take Martin or Floyd. In the end I would rather get more keep Bradford in the game longer than get him a weapon in the first round this year. There are options in the second like Dwight Jones. One last suggestion: BRING BACK THE OLD UNIFORMS! THEY WORK!

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