Where Would Spagnuolo Go after He's Gone?



Things here in St.Louis aren't going as planned. Things were looking up and then the regular season happened. Spags and Billy Dee Williams (I mean Devaney) are most likely gone after this season ends leading the way for this team to look at new coaches. But lets look at our old coach for a while and see where he may end up later.



This guy should be our GM.

Defensive Coordinator EAGLES

The Eagles D has been on and off to say the least. Juan Castilo "simplified" defense has flopped and just isn't what many expected from a team with 3 Pro Bowl corners, Up and coming Safeties, and a star studded D-line that includesTrent Cole, Jason Babin, and Cullen Jenkins. The D seems to have given up. After the 49er game Frank Gore said that he thought that the Eagles ha just given up after half time. Not what you want to hear from the the other teams star running back. This reunites Spags with Reid (if he stays) and could help the Eagles "Dream Team" achieve its goals next year and replaces the former O-line coach turned D coordinator.



Look at that Juan has a job he's good at.

Defensive Coordinator PATRIOTS

Another defensive coordinator job and he goes to the team he helped stop in the Superbowl and keep from perfection. The Pats are in desperate need of help when it comes to their defense. They might take it away more then anybody but give up more plays of 20+ yards then any team in the league. Not to mention they are dead last in Passing and total yards allowed per game. A wise man once said that defense wins championships. Since the Pats have none I find it difficult to believe they will win many more Superbowls. Spags could also bring that much needed pass rush New England has been lacking for quite a while.

Defensive Coordinator COLTS

Another D Coordinator job what a shock. But with the colts. Fact of the matter is that the Colts have been awful this year while in past seasons were dominant. What happened? The Colts are on the fast track to perfection in a way. I remember watching that Colts Saints game and that was the most pitiful performance I have seen in quite a while. Then I remember reading about it the next game and somebody said one of the funniest things to come out of this game. "I didn't know Peyton Manning played on defense." The Colts may be powerless on offense with out Manning but to give up 62 points on national TV in any situation is pathetic and if you keep your job after that then a Tebow miracle must have happened. The Colts run a 4-3 which works for Spags.


The unlikeliest of scenarios. I'm just throwing this one for fun. Usually when teams hire head coaches they tend to notice when you fuck up royally with another team. The chances of this are astronomical like one in a million (insert dumb and dumber reference here.)

D-line Coach TITANS

When you go to the highest possibility like I just did with the Dolphins you must go to the other end of the spectrum. The Titans may be 6th in points on defense but 22nd in total yards allowed, 21st in passing yards allowed, and 22nd in rushing yards allowed. After losing Jim Washburn to the Eagles they sure could use another guy how knows how to build and coach a D-Line and Steve could be that guy.

Go ahead and share your opinions. I don't care.

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