Schefter: McDaniels' influence still felt in Denver

Some may be interested in this. Some may not. I felt it was worth posting, in a time where positivity and the conception of this team's staff as competent individuals are missing.

Tebow has reinvigorated a city and a franchise. He has led the Broncos to victories in four straight games in which they trailed in the fourth quarter. He now has a fourth-quarter or overtime game-winning drive in six of his 11 starts, more than any other player in NFL history.

No wonder that in an op-ed piece last Sunday, the New York Times dubbed him "The Mile-High Messiah." But it's worth noting who first authored this story. It is the head coach who Broncos fans and the Denver organization wanted out. At a time when no other coach would, McDaniels packaged picks -- one of which came from Miami for Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall to select the draft's most polarizing player. Some publicly applauded the Broncos. Many more privately mocked them.

Yet McDaniels, now the St. Louis Rams' offensive coordinator, always has known things about quarterbacks that others didn't. He elevated Tom Brady's game to arguably the highest level of his career. He boosted up backup Matt Cassel and made him a $40 million quarterback in Kansas City. And he recognized what Tebow could do whereas others commented on all he couldn't do. Now McDaniels' prized pupils, Brady and Tebow, are preparing to battle in this week's game of the week. Sunday's matchup is a testament to McDaniels' work, and why he still will be in demand despite St. Louis' struggles.


I don’t ever click on ESPN, but when I saw Schefter's name attached, my apprehension was eased.

Everyone derided McDaniels’ “personnel skills” in the most egregious of ways: by judging them before the decisions had time to mature, i.e. judging a draft a year later, and players before they've had a chance to learn the playbook. But now, those questionable decisions are maturing, and going against the opinions held about them.

When he was fired, the common idea was that he was a good coach, but just bad with personnel. Now that those previously-derided decisions are working out, does everyone change tack and agree that he knows personnel but is a bad coach? Or do we admit that he, Zeus forbid, actually knows what he’s doing?

It’s a sad irony that Fox is winning with the players McDaniels gave him. When he was fired, everyone said Denver was going to feel his influence for years. No one thought it would be positive.

(Stick-tap kc571 of Arrowhead Pride for finding Schefter's article.)

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