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Now most of you know that I am a firm Bradford supporter and I think trading him would be a mistake. The St. Louis Rams front office, as well as Sam’s supporting cast of players, has let him down with few exceptions. When you add in that Sam has had to learn a second offensive gameplan in his first two years, it’s no wonder he’s been banged up and unreliable at times. So with all that, most are asking: Why not trade Bradford? Since I like a little bit of controversy, I will entertain the idea, trading Sam...

So, we would first we have to come up with a trading partner and our price. In this post, the trading price of Bradford in this post I will say will be a first round in the upcoming draft and a second round pick next season. Now that we have our guidelines for assume the trade teams will also have to consider Sam's contract (the biggest one in rookie history) and that on it's own will turn most away. But I believe there are certain teams that I think will still jump at the idea of getting Bradford. And the most common that I've heard is The Redskins. Although they would be ideal, I don't see them giving up the picks necessary to get Sam from us, so who could it be, what about the Cowboys?

Why this makes sense:

Now some of you may know but I despise the Cowboys with an undying passion. Yet, they've shown that if they want a player, they are not beyond making a trade to get said person. Others may say: well they have Romo, why would they trade for Bradford? Well, Romo is the choke artist of the NFL and I think after another disappointing season, Jerry Jones will finally think - "Maybe Romo can't lead us to the holy land?" Some other reasons that this makes sense in my mind is Sam's pro-day workout was compared to none other than Troy Aikman; not to mention, Sam picked his number (8) in tribute to Aikman What happens if the Rams do this:

Well, like I said before, the asking price for Sam is a first rounder in the upcoming draft and a 2nd round pick in 2013 draft. Right now, in the mock that I've seen recently over at, the c Cowboys are at the 16th spot in the upcoming Draft. It’s good spot to get another game changer whether it be on offense or defense. Now here's a curve-ball for you - What if the Cowboys offer Romo in the trade in place of the 2nd round pick? Do we jump at the idea of a vet? So that's up for you all to decide I guess? In the two mocks that I'm about to put down show you here, there will be one where the Rams take Romo and the Cowboys first pick in this upcoming draft. Then in the other, the Rams they take the additional pick in the 2013 draft. Also in both of the mocks the Rams will be picking at the 2 spot and only go to the 4th round.

Take the additional pick:

1. Robert Griffin, QB Somebody said earlier in a post that the Rams should seriously consider Griffin. and I think he could be a star in the NFL. He has easily the best deep ball in the college football and he's also a very smart guy. He is the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner which is also a plus, plus he didn't have one bad game this season. In my mind this dude has the potential to be very good.
1.(via the Cowboys) Micheal Floyd, WR This might be some kind of a reach on the count of his off the field issues. Top that with a bit of an injury history and this could be impossible. But I think Floyd has major playmaking ability and the best thing about it is he doesn’t have to step into the number 1 spot immediately. He can take a year or so at the 2 learning from Lloyd, so when it’s time he’s ready.
2. Mike Adams, OT Get Griffin some protection
3. Travis Lewis, OLB Get some athleticism on the outside
4. Tydreke Powell, DT Somebody that can help stop the run

If the Rams Take Romo:

1. Matt Kalil, OT Need somebody that can protect your new QB and Kalil can do so plus he's be said to be the best OT of the last decade..
1. Alshon Jeffery, WR Still need someone for Romo to throw to and there's nobody on the roster for him
2. Lavonte David, OLB Played very well this season and it's a a need that needs to be plugged
3. Sylvester Williams DT A need and if he drops to us here it would be great
4. LaMicheal James, RB A shifty RB that wouldn't necessarily spell SJax, but take away some of the carries and could be a nice addition to this offense.

Is this scenario very likely, probably not? But I've heard a lot of people cry out about how Sam isn't the right QB here and how we should trade him, so I thought I'd entertain the idea. Like I've said many times, these are just names and you can practically plug any names you feel into these slots, but that's just what I'm thinking. Hope you enjoyed the read and as always....

Go Rams?!?!?

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