Rams @ Seahawks: First hand experience

This is the second year in a row that I got a chance to go to a Rams game. Last year I went to a game in St. Louis when the Rams played the Chiefs. This year, for some stupid reason, I decided to go to an away game in Seattle. The actual reason was because I know a guy with season tickets to the Hawk games and he hooked me up.


To start off, we got to the stadium around noon for some tailgaiting, 5 hours worth of drinking and being stupid. I found a bunch of Rams fans and took some pictures (I’m the one wearing the away SJax jersey). I wish I took pictures of our tailgate set-up.



The guy with the flat-billed yellow hat wore his jersey that was autographed by Bruce and Holt (I wouldn't have been that brave).



That's not Sam trying Tebowing, that's a Seahawk Strahaning


This picture was taken by some Rams fans 3 rows behind us, I remember saying "No, you're a Seahawks' fan, I don't trust you with my camera" as I passed the camera past them. Little Dickerson over here is a Packers fan, have been her whole life, yet she wore one of my jerseys...yeah a fan of an undefeated team.



After the game at Hard Rock cafe, sadly drinking the pain away/my impression of DuhhhRams!

Some fans were cool; some were total asshats; but most just yelled "SEA-HAAAWKS!" I also achieved something I didn’t know I could: I got the entire Hawks Nest bar to boo me when I went in to use the bathroom…proud moment.

A bunch of fans started talking smack, before and during the game and the progression of the conversation was hilarious, starting out "F*** the Rams!!" and ending with them saying "That’s pretty cool! I hope you have a good time tonight, good luck!" Once you start actually start talking to them, I think they realize that as a Rams’ fan, I’ve been through a lot and it’s just a football game. Also, I did just spend a bunch of money in their town and in their stadium, you’re welcome asshats.

If my memory is correct, both teams had 3 false start penalties, which provided my proudest moment at a sporting event. As the Seahawks got penalized for a false start while the stadium was dead silent, I stood up and yelled "Hey Rams fans, don’t make too much noise, we don’t want to cause any more penalties!" Hell, the Hawk fans behind me even laughed.

So main things I noticed at the game, tried to remember as much as I could, being sober would've helped:

1) Sam made several absolutely stupid throws and two of them should’ve been picked off…he definitely regressed this year. He made several throws before even looking and the WR was completely covered.

2) The stadium is so much louder than the Edward Jones Dome, a lot has to do with acoustics, hopefully when the Rams get a new stadium it’ll be designed better.

3) I thought Steven Jackson got more than just 63 yards, I thought he was in the 90s. Also, what happened to him in the game prior to his TD? Was he out with an injury?

4) Our WR really, really, really do suck. That’s just it.

5) They gave out free lime green and blue hats at the game with "12" written on the front and "Subway" on the back. Needless to say, I am not eating at Subway again nor am I eating skittles.

6) Our D is good and seriously the only reason the Seahawks scored 30 is blamed on our "offense" or lack thereof.

7) Spagnuolo is really short, so is his time remaining in St. Louis.

8) Sam is not too accurate on the run, nor can the WRs get open, even with the time added by running a roll-out play.

9) I don't know how good his dad was at wrestling, but JL55 deserves his nickname.

I had a blast going to the game, mainly because of the experience; however, I had a much better time at the Edward Jones Dome with all the Rams fans. It sucks not being able to get loud on defense (I still lost my voice yesterday) and it gets annoying when people talk smack all day, most don’t even have a good line. So I think I’ll stick to flying down to St. Louis for games until the Rams are actually good and have a legitimate shot at winning games on the road. So, we should organize a TST party for a home game!

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