Fantasy Football Over and Under Achievers for Week 13

Hello Fantasy Football Fans,

Here is the next installment of what will be a weekly rundown on who I think will over or under perform their weekly rankings from ESPN. Last week we went 10-3 in the Overachievers and 9-4 for underachievers. Let’s get to the rankings:


Matt Moore (18)- He has been a top 5 fantasy QB the past 4 weeks, I would rather him than Philip Rivers right now as an example.

Josh Freeman (13)-You have to start any offensive players against the Panthers defense.

Pierre Thomas (35)-Even with Suh the Lions had one of the worst defenses against RB’s

Donald Brown (32)-With the Colts expecting to be trailing he should get 15-20 touches.

C.J. Spiller (28)-The Titans defense is up and down, I think he can finally show the talent he displayed in college.

Johnny Knox (47)-He has had 100 yards and a TD in each of his last 2 games.

Nate Burleson (40)-In what should be a shootout he will get plenty of targets.

Reggie Wayne (33)-Another game they will be trailing and with the Patriots defense, he is a must start no matter who the QB is.

Lance Moore (32)-He is a favorite of Drew Brees around the end zone.

Antonio Brown (24)- He is in the top 10 in the NFL in the past 6 weeks.


Matt Ryan (10)- He is on the road against a top 5 defense and probably no Julio Jones.

Mark Sanchez (14)- Another QB on the road vs a scrappy Redskins defense.

Michael Turner (11)-He has not practiced all week, if you have to win this week, tough chance to take.

Willis McGahee (15)-I can see Minnesota selling out against the run and making Tebow throw the ball.

Steven Jackson (19)- He is playing the best run defense in the NFL with an awful OL.

Brandon Jacobs (29)- He is running in quicksand and is unstartable at this time, while Bradshaw may play.

Larry Fitzgerald (5)- With Kolb coming back, he will be very rusty while Dallas gives him his proper respect.

Vincent Jackson (16)-Philip Rivers has ruined him.

Dwayne Bowe (19)- Tyler Palko has not yet thrown a td, another receiver who is ruined by his awful QB.

Sorry for the short list but there is so many decent offensive players playing bad defenses should be a high scoring week.

Please feel free to contact me on Twitter dvond with any questions.

Good Luck!

Fantasy Mike

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