NFL Weekly Picks Against the Point Spread

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Ryan and 3k as they plot our doom!

This thing is going to come down to the wire. Our picks against the spread challenge this year has caused each participant to wonder what Odds makers are smoking when they come up with these betting lines? New England by 22 points this week... San Francisco by 15 points... The Denver Tebows by the Da Vinci Code...

Fantasy Football guru Mike D. gained some of the ground back he lost over the last few weeks with a 11-5 record this week. Brick Top also logged a 11-5 record this week and proved that throwing darts at the game list actually works! Team TST remains firmly tied in second place with that evil genius Ryan Van Bibber, while his partner in crime and cheap beer, 3k, sneaks up ever so slowly in third place... Time for me to bring in a ringer next week me thinkst?

Here are our Week 13 NFL picks:

***A simple cover by the winning team is a win, no ties here based on spread***

Turfshowtimes_medium Baby_drinking_becks_medium
2277397-space_needle_downtown_and_mt_rainier-seattle_medium Images_medium Gyi0062865695_medium Large Turfshowtimes_medium
Ryan 3k DouglasM ram_rod Brick Top T. Ram Mike D Consensus
Season Rec. 82 - 79 80 - 81 82 - 79 74 - 87 76 - 85 70 - 91 87 - 73 551 - 575
Win % YTD 50.93% 49.68% 50.93% 45.96% 47.20% 43.47% 54.37% 48.93%
Last Week 9 - 7 10 - 6 9 - 7 8 - 8 11 - 5 8 - 8 11 - 5 42 - 58
PHI@ SEA(-2)TNF Phi_medium Phi_medium Sea_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium Phi_medium
NYJ@ WAS(-3) Nyj_medium Nyj_medium Was_medium Nyj_medium Nyj_medium Nyj_medium Nyj_medium Nyj_medium
ATL@ HOU (even) Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Hou_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium Atl_medium
K.C.(-9) @CHI Chi_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium Kan_medium Chi_medium Chi_medium
DEN@ MIN (even) Den_medium Den_medium Min_medium Den_medium Den_medium Den_medium Den_medium Den_medium
TEN@ BUF(even) Ten_medium Buf_medium Ten_medium Buf_medium Buf_medium Ten_medium Buf_medium Buf_medium
CIN@ PIT(-8) Pit_medium Cin_medium Cin_medium Cin_medium Pit_medium Pit_medium Cin_medium Cin_medium
IND@ N.E.(-22) Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Nep_medium Ind_medium Ind_medium Nep_medium
CAR@ T.B.(-3) Tam_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium Car_medium Car_medium Tam_medium Tam_medium
OAK@ MIA(-3) Mia_medium Mia_medium Oak_medium Mia_medium Oak_medium Oak_medium Mia_medium Mia_medium
BAL(-8)@ CLE Bal_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium Cle_medium Bal_medium Bal_medium Cle_medium Bal_medium
DAL(-4) @AZ Dal_medium Ari_medium Ari_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Dal_medium Ari_medium Dal_medium
STL@ S.F.(-15) Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Sfx_medium Stl_medium Stl_medium Sfx_medium Sfx_medium
G.B.(-8)@ NYG Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Nyg_medium Gbp_medium Gbp_medium Nyg_medium Nyg_medium Gbp_medium
DET@ N.O.(-5) Nos_medium Det_medium Nos_medium Det_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium Nos_medium
S.D. (-3)@ JAC MNF Jac_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium Sdc_medium

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