All Rounds 2012 Mock Draft

Heres my mock draft for 2012: NOTE: I live in india, so don't watch any college football. All this information is from my understanding after hearing about them and reading up at walterfootball's prospect list.

Round 1) Matt Kalil OT- Kalil has been called one of the best offensive tackles to come out in some time and if the arizona game wasn't enough proof that the rams need a new tackle, then I don't know what is. Moving Saffold to the right and kalil to the left gives the rams a two good bookends to protect Bradford.

Round 2) Dwight Jones WR-Jones has proven to be good WR option for UNC. He has good speed, good hands and is good at making cuts and getting YAC. I believe Jones has to ceiling to become a number one for Bradford and great compliant to Brandon Lloyd.

Round 3) Travis Lewis OLB/Good CB/Chris Polk RB- Travis Lewis would be good compliant to Animal Jr. and finally solidify the OLB position for the rams. If he's not available the best CB available like Chase Minnifield will be a good addition for a rams secondary which is in the dark not knowing if Bartell will return to play football. If their is no CB worth drafting then Chris Polk can help spell Jackson and potentially become the starting back for the rams.(however I still believe Marcus Lattimore in 2013 is the better option)

Round 4) Coby Fleener TE/William Vlachos C -With Uh-Oh being constantly injured, Sam Bradford and Kendricks could both benefit from a good, big tight end to catch dump of passes and give sam a security option. Another option would be an center to replace Brown, who is not living up to his high cost.

Round 5)This was traded to the bronco if I am correct

Round 6) Bobby Wagner OLB- He has has been having a great year with 108 tackles, 8 for a loss and 3 sacks and and an INT. This shows he is a ball hawk who can become much like James Laurinaitis.

Round 7) Montel Harris RB- Montel Harris is an all-around back who is also a good producer and has a good durability and can become a good spell back for Steven Jackson. Harris fight for the first down as watching highlights of him against clemson show. I think he would be a steal here in the draft.

Thanks for reading my views on the 2012 draft and please give me your views and concerns with this mock.

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