2012 NFL Mock Draft, Mid-Season - All Rams Edition

[Note by Ryan Van Bibber, 11/10/11 7:48 AM EST ] Promoted from the fanposts, nothing like a good mock draft to get your morning started off right. 

In this scenario I have the St. Louis Rams drafting at the 4th spot. I will do the first 3 rounds in the mock so without further ado, this is my mock for the Rams, enjoy.

The their first round pick, I have us picking, Justin Blackmon OSU



At the beginning of the season it was a lot closer race between Blackmon and Jeffery but with Blackmon's continuance of putting of numbers and Jeffery's inability to because of the endurance QB play in SC, Blackmon has established himself as the best WR in the nation. IMO he also fits this system more so than does Jeffery. He's has good strength and above-average speed. Great hands, catches the ball away from his body. Tough, physical player who isn't afraid to go over the middle and go up for the ball in traffic. Picks up yards after the catch and after first contact. Solid ball skills and great body control to adjust to the ball in the air. He has good speed not great and he can be a deep threat for Sam. Plus he runs a similar system in OSU as McDaniels does. IMO this is a no brainer if he's there.

Here's his stats so far this season:




With their second round pick I have the Rams pick, Travis Lewis, LB OU



This might be a surprise to some but Lewis could easily go in the first and for him to drop to us in the 2nd round would be great. Lewis is a beast against the run, excellent closing speed, consistent, and he knows how to stack and shed blockers. Lewis also has great agility and instincts. I think he could be the kind of player that could help this already pretty good defense and he has the potential to become a playmaker, plus he his work ethic.

Here's his stats so far this season:

TOT: 63

SOLO: 38

AST: 25

FF: 1

With their third round pick I have the Rams pick, Tydreke Powell, DT, North Carolina



Tydreke Powell possesses size, strength, and agility, but needs to become more dominant to be considered a first round pick. In this years draft he's projected as a 3rd round pick and this is kind of one of them things that we need a DT and I think he could be good for the Rams.

So there's my mock of what the first 3 rounds would look like. One of the biggest things that pops out is I didn't have us choose a CB in the fist 3 rounds. I'm of the impression that we should wait and see or see if there's any CBs coming out in next year FA that could be of some use. I only did three rounds because I'm kind of stacked on homework (sometimes I wounder if these professors have a life) and I figured I would just do the top of the draft. Well tell me what you think and as always..





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