Midseason predictions. who will be on the rams next year

QB: Sam- he is our guy even thou luck looks good i think we stay with him and he improves next season.Feeley: keep as a 3rd but we need a better num 2 with the way our line has played.

RB: SJ39- if it was opposite day i would say release him ,I think we all agree we need 2 new backs hopefully one young one from the draft

FB: MIller has done ok , if nothing out there is better we should keep him

TE: Kendricks- we have to give him a shot next year maybe he will be more prepared with a full off-season (hopefully). i say cut the rest billy to old and not good at anything hoo hoo has done less the nothing

OL:  Saffold- keep him hopefully he will improve or move him to RT draft or sign  a new LT. Smith-cut him or move him to guard this man cant play tackle period. Bell and Brown must go.Dahl - has done ok to good keep him

WR: Lloyd- resign him please. Salas-keep he will be our new amendola. Amendola-cut him dont need a 5 yard guy anymore our qb aint a rookie no more. Pettis keep him good reserve to have.Gibson- can we cut him 2 times,Clayton-too hurt gone.DX- lets see how he comes back, if he doesnt have many setbacks keep him


DL: Long-Keep of course will be a beast with a better squad around him.Quinn-looking like a great pick,keep.Robbins and bannon- too old get rid of them. Simms-cut not showing much of anything(shoudl have kept selvie), CJ- has to go. Hall- keep as mentor can play a couple downs a game great leadership we cant lose. Gibson-keep as 4th guy. Scott-cut he is soft

LB:  JL55-what should we do with our best D player. Cut leber pop kehl- they are just bad. Chris- has done ok , i didnt like him before the season but has come on.

CB: Bartel- if he is ready keep him great cover guy. Flecther- keep great up and coming player(if healthy). Murphy0 keep has great potential we need that big hitting secondary player. King-cut him terrible every game , cant defend him no more. Gordy- has done a really nice job , if he has a good off season keep. Harris- keep him another guy who knows how to win and great leadership


S:  Mikkel- keep good player. Stewart- really showing his potential ,great physical play.Dahl- cut , how many TDs has this guy given up. Butler-unsure about him , he knows the system and we will be changing alot of players in my prediction so maybe keep him.


well i have done this before but i love thinking what will be instead of thinking about this pathetic season. i  dont think 2009 was this bad NO FIGHT. GO RAMS , next year will be the year :)

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