Rams Mock Off Season

HC : Jeff Fisher

OC : Josh McDaniels

DC : Jerry Gray or Chuck Cecil (both familiar with Jeff Fisher)


A.J Feeley - He is a serviceable back up and is actually in the top half of the league for backups.

Brandon Lloyd - Absolute beast. Do I need to say anything else?

Dominique Curry - A great ST player. I dont see him going anywhere next year.

Gary Gibson - He has been a solid rotational DT. I'd like to see him back here.

Chris Chamberlain - He's actually played good at OLB. With him, we've got a decent linebacker and a great ST player.

Bryan Kehl - I believe he will be retained because he brings the ability to play the pass better than any LB we have. Also a solid ST contributor.

Darian Stewart - Lock this kid up long term right now. Our safety of the future.

Danny Amendola - The safety blanket. Sure handed Danny. And our returner.


Justin King - He is terrible.

Brandon Gibson - Too inconsistent.

DX - Injury prone.

Jason Brown - Biggest waste of money in a long time.

James Butler - I think Hines should of kept this spot over Butler.

Craig Dahl - He was benched for a reason.

Re-do Contract or Cut:

Jason Smith - He either re-does his contract and loses 70% of it (9 million dollar salary to 2.5 million) or he's released as well. If he restructures, keep him.

Free Agency :

Ben Grubbs, OG, Ravens : He is one of the premier OG's in the league. He has had a toe injury this year, but has been healthy other than that. He is a road grader and a solid pass protector.

Mercedes Lewis, TE, Jaguars : He's had an off year, but look whos throwing the ball to him. He definitely won't want to stay with the Jags who are a complete mess. He and Kendricks can be a frightening duo.

Aubrayo Franklin, DT, Saints : A solid run stopper. Beside Justin Bannan, he can be a force. We will finally free up James Laurinaitis and be a good run stop team.

Draft :

Round 1: Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State : This guy is a play maker. He can take it to the house from anywhere on the field. He's exactly what we need across from Brandon Lloyd. Imagine that offense? Blackmon, Lloyd, Marcedes Lewis, Kendricks, Jackson, and Bradford?

Round 2:Lavonte David, LB, Nebraska : A solid linebacker we can pair with Laurinaits to help stop the run. David is a tackling machine and his presence will be felt. I'd love to line him up next to James. Thats a nice duo.

Round 3: Chris Polk, RB, Washington : A very nice compliment to SJ. A quick running back who will get his chances here. Slowly bring him along, and throw him out there every now and then. He can break it at anytime.

Round 4: D'Anton Lynn, CB, Penn State : A big corner at 6'1. He can be brought along slowly behind our many capable CB's. If Bartell is back, he and Fletcher will be starters once again. Lynn can learn for a year, then hop in because Bartell is an FA as well as Fletcher.

Round 6: Grant Carner, C, Oklahoma State: A very reliable center. He can be the back up to Tony Wragge, and if he outplays him, he can start. I'd bring him along slowly. He can develop into a solid center at some point.

Round 7: Matt McCants, OT, UAB: Another developmental player. He's a good athlete and at 6'7 and 295 lbs he has the size to play. He has potential and can be coached.

Depth Chart:

QB : Bradford / Feeley
RB : Jackson / Polk / Porter
FB : Miller
TE : Lewis / Kendricks / Spach
WR1 : Lloyd / Curry
WR2 : Blackmon / Pettis
Slot : Amendola / Salas
LT : Saffold / McCants
G : Grubbs / Hughes
C : Wragge / Carner
G : Dahl / Hughes
RT : Goldberg / McCants
LE : Long / Sims
RE : Quinn / Hall
DT : Franklin / Robbins
DT : Bannan / Gibson
OLB : David / Kehl
MLB : Laurinaitis / Hull
OLB : Chamberlain / Nixon
CB : Bartell / Gordy
CB : Fletcher / Lynn
Slot : Murphy / Lynn
FS : Mikell / Jackson
SS : Stewart / Jackson

And there it is! Feedback is appreciated!

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