What to do with Sam- History is a Great Teacher

Well after watching another embarrassing showing by this O-Line and this offense I along with many are now on the Kalil bandwagon. Now that I've came to this conclusion (so far this season, could change my mind) I came to another conclusion about this FO that I think could honestly be the problem with Bradford and this offense that some may know but needs to be emphasized and that's the talent level that this FO decided to bring in around Bradford and how to exactly build around him, FA or Draft, more after the jump.

Alright first I'd like to say that the talent level around Sam when he first got picked by the Rams was not great at all. They had an injury from #1 in Avery who is no longer here and they had/still have Gibson who IMO should have been released during the FA frenzy that ensued after the long and dreaded NFL lockout but thanks to some "greatness" that he showed during the shortened training camp he got a spot. Then we had a slot in Amendola who would soon in the ensuing season have a "breakout" season and be Sam's number one and go to guy. Then they draft a 4th round Wr in Gilyard who downright sucked and had to release. If you ask me this is a pathetic and down right disgusting supporting cast for a team that was supposed to be building before he even got here and it doesn't look at all better now with the exception of Lloyd who may or may not return next season.

Now I'd like to say that I believe that the best way to build around your franchise QB is through the draft. You may say well if you go through FA you'll get experienced vets but this has not worked as great as people have suggested that it would. I'd like to point your eyes to two teams that stand out to me that did this at the beginning of their QBs careers and one that has not and show some differences, the first of the good will be the Falcons.

Now this past draft many thought that Jones would drop to the Rams and be our future #1 but the Falcons had different plans. What they figured was that if you want to build successfully around your franchise QB then you have to take some risks, so what did they do? They made the biggest trade of the draft and traded from the 20's to the 6 spot and took Jones with the pick. Now some might say well you don't know how that's going to work out and I would counter by saying does that really matter? Yes in the long run it does but at the same time they're surrounding their young QB of the future with talent that he needs to succeed, how that all pans out is yet to be seen but I say kudos to the Falcons FO for having the balls to pull off a blockbuster trade of this sort and try.

Next the Colts:

Going into the the 2001 draft the Colts already had a #1 Wr in Marvin Harrison but what did they do? They took the initiative and got Peyton yet again practically another #1 Wr in Reggie Wayne. Yes they were criticized for this move but what they did was realize that they have to build more around their franchise QB. Since they made that decision they have continued to do so:

Round 1 in 2003: Dallas Clark TE

Round 2 in 2004: Ben Hartsock TE

Round 1 in 2006: Joseph Addai Rb

Round 1 in 2007: Anthony Gonzalez Wr

Round 2 in 2008: Mike Pollak C

Round 1 in 2009: Donald Brown Rb

And so on and so forth, it's paid off in dividends for over a decade and even brought them a Superbowl.

Now for FA which can also pay off dividends for a team but I don't think that it pays of as well as getting talent in the draft for one major reason, New York Jets. Since they draft Mark Sanchez in the draft they have not draft a Wr in the the first 2 rounds at all. The closest that they came to such is Jeremy Kerley in the 5th round in this past draft. Sure they picked up Plaxico in the FA frenzy but that's not long term. This is more of a win now and yes this strategy has get them to the AFC championship every year since he's been a Jet but what we want is to get to the SB and win it, now just fall short every season.

Now to reiterate my main point, this team and FO should continue  to build through the draft and not count on the FA to provide the key players that we need. This team doesn't need key quick fixes, we need longevity and continuity our key position, am I completely putting down FA, no but I am saying that we shouldn't try and depend on it. Another point that I'd like to point out is the drafting of this FO. Yes I've said that they have a passing grade from me so far in their tenure but I'd really like to see them go all out on offense during this upcoming draft and then fill the necessary positions on Defense. Sam needs the needed weapons around him for him to succeed and elevate his game to where we expect it to be and getting Wrs in the 3rd and 4th rounds aren't cutting it. Sam needs his franchise Wr and getting one in the FA also isn't going to do nothing but "fix" a problem that will yet again be a problem in a couple of year, this is how I see it.

This is the way I see the draft (Credit given to KSR for suggesting most of it):

1. Kalil

2. Sanu / Broyles

3. Travis Lewis

4. LaMicheal James

Sure these might not be the exact names but you get the positions. They address critical needs of this team and they also surround our franchise player (Sam) with potential talent and playmakers.

So to close this out in fear of repeating myself I I'll conclude this by say we should start surrounding Sam with weapons that can actually help him and actually produce, not late round picks or FA that we hope will produce or in terms of a FA, someone that 9/10 doesn't want to come here. I just think we can't just wait for FA and hope a guy with talent would come here with the two big names right now being Jackson and Bowe, both are legit number 1s but if you were them would you come to this injury waste land that we call the Rams? These guys want to contend for playoffs and championships, not be stuck at the bottom of the heap.

So that was some of my rambling about what I think the Rams should do and I hope you liked it, look forward to some of your responses and as hard as this gets to say each week

Go Rams!!!

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