Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Likely To Hire A New General Manager And Head Coach

They went there. For the first time this season that we can recall, St. Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo publicly responded to questions about his job security with the 2-8 Rams. Spagnuolo is 10-32 since being hired in 2009, following a disastrous two-win season that saw Scott Linehan get a pink slip in the first half of the season. Naturally, Spagnuolo responded the only way he could, noting that it was out of his control. According to a report from Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union Tribune, it may already be too late for Spagnuolo and Rams General Manager Billy Devaney. 

Lots more on Kroenke and the situation at Rams Park after the jump.

In chronicling the Chargers' many shortcomings, Acee cited league sources who said that there will be at least four general manager vacancies following this season, including the St. Louis Rams.

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is looking to blow up his front office and hire a new coach. Kroenke, according to a league source, is compiling a general manager list right now.

The faults of the coaching staff have been well documented this season. Look no further than the struggles of Sam Bradford or the failure to develop talent and roster management shortcomings exposed this season. The Rams front office hasn't escaped criticism either. Turning the draft board over to Josh McDaniels this year certainly stands out as one glaring mistake, after a run of better, not great, drafts in the two years prior. 

The most glaring shortcoming from this front office has come in free agency and the failure to bring in the kind of offensive playmakers the team has been starved for since the end of the Greatest Show period, save for Steven Jackson. Acquiring Brandon Lloyd at the trade deadline this year was a breath of fresh air, but, ultimately, it was too little, too late. Watching Seattle throw the ball to Sidney Rice as they won their fourth game was a big reminder of opportunities missed by the Rams.

As for the free agents they have brought in over the years, well, it's a mixed bag, at best. They signed Ben Leber to address their glaring need at outside linebacker, and he's been a huge disappointment. Though we're told some of that might be friction in the locker room, something I expect to hear much more about when the season ends. Mike Sims-Walker was another bust. Cadillac Williams was a far better answer than what they've done in the past to find a backup for Steven Jackson, but he's little more than a role player. I could go on and on. 

101 ESPN's Tony Softli, a man who hopefully has better sources than he does a command of the rules for capitalization, cited a source in his article today that Kroenke has already interviewed a potential candidate for a new position within the organization, team president. According to Softli's source, that person is not from the football world, which makes you worry just a little about Kroenke. 

What's a team president, you ask? Think of something along the lines of what Bill Parcels did in Miami...which might not be the most assuring example either given the state of the Dolphins. Softli also notes that Parcells' name and Dick Vermeil's are being batted around the rumor mill. Both of those men seem pretty content in retirement, so keep that in the talk radio rumor file for now. 

I think it's safe to say that change is coming for the Rams...again. We'll find out how that change looks come January, after another disastrous Rams season ends. Stay tuned for more. 

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