Thinking with my fingers...draft edition

I've been looking at this team for a little more than a half of a season now.  I think I have a fairly good idea about the team as a whole, so will offer my "slightly more than midseason draft thoughts." Where do we start? Some analysis after the jump.

Ok, so a few things before I begin. First, this season could put us anywhere from third to fifteenth in the draft. Any given Sunday and all that. I will keep that in mind and give thoughts on those extremes. Second, I am assuming health after the offseason for all players, a dangerous game, I'll admit. Third, I'm a huge Iowa Hawkeye homer (Ramhock was the closest I could come to include the Rams, the Hawks, and be somewhat punny.) So my apologies for that in advance.


Anyways, the first  round I see as this:

Early pick: Matt Kallil, USC: I think we can all agree that the biggest problem is with the OL, as amazing as that is, given the money spent.  By drafting Kalill, you can move Saffold to the right side, where he will probably have more success. You can take Smith and move him to Guard, along with Dahl. Then you let Brown decide if he wants to play or not. If not, I thought the starting center vs. the Browns did pretty well.

Later pick: Reilly Reiff, Iowa: Same reasons as above. 

It is absolutely imperative that the Rams build a strong offensive line. They simply must draft a lineman in the first round. I know the objections, believe me. I think we can safely tuck away the backup RB for a couple of drafts later. I honestly think that, as much as I would love Blackmon, we have pretty good receivers. If Lloyd, Clayton, Amendola, and DX can get in at the same time....look out. Lloyd was better than a first round draft pick. He was a proven receiver. Add Hendricks to the mix, who I know from watching him forever, will make for a hard attack to defend.


To those that want a CB: I get that too. However, Bartell is pretty close to a shutdown corner, and Fletcher is getting better.  I know, they are hurt, but who's to say the next draftee won't be? The secondary is looking better and better simply because of the depth being built this year. They have been tossed to the wolves and are getting better because of it.  Mikell has been solid and Stewart, while still making mistakes, has playmaker abilities.


The second round later, if interested.





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