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I haven't been on this site in a LOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG Time and that is due to the fact that my doctors said it would be best for my health if I didn't talk about the rams for a while in fear that I may kill myself. I've been on the verge of being on suicide watch for a while. Ok maybe that is an exaggeration but my god things have gotten form bad to ugly. I am one of the more optimistic of rams fans on this site but DAMN I think I may kill some one by the end of the season. Injury, Lack of execution, poor time of possession, and bad play form decent to good players. The Rams have been hit with all these thing and way more and it is PAINFUL to watch.

    The person I have placed a lot of blame on weather they deserve it or not is

Josh McDaniels. This offense has been plagued with the same fucking disease McD's Denver teams have had. Including poor execution and FUCKING TERRIBLE red zone offense. I want TD's not Field Goals. If Josh Brown was my fantasy team kicker I would bank on him winning my league single handedly. This is not good. You may say "Oh well he didn't have the time yet to implement his system. Not every body has learned it yet." Well look at his Denver teams he had YEARS and they still fucking sucked not to mention we should at least look some what able to have a drive that lasts more then 4 plays. You may also say "but our receivers suck." The man made Brandon Lloyd the league's leading receiver. What the FUCK! 

via www.obsessedwithsports.comFire-josh-mcdaniels_medium


Too soon?


Then there is the defense. You may be surprised to learn that I think our D is doing very w

ell except in that ravens game. I just think that our offense's inability to do ANYTHING makes our D look like shit. The defense being on the field for over 35 to 40 minutes of the game is NOT good. That ravens game was bad but some times you have those shoot out games. Too bad that our offense couldn't shoot a fucking barn if they were standing it in.


I am also EXTREMELY PISSED THE FUCK OFF about the fact that we are AT THE BOTTOM OF THE NFC WEST! The "worst" division in football. You may say "Oh well the schedule has been very hard." We should be 2-2 right now. We were better then both the giants and the skins but we played like shit. Our Defense basically won the Redskins game but our offense couldn't fucking get more then 10 POINTS! FUCKING 10 POINTS! Ridiculous. Is McDaniels the same guy who made  the patriots a record breaking offense or is he a no body. Is he trying to help is here or is he here for a pay check. All things considered Pat Shurmur was a better coordinator for us then McD with a side of fries is. Yeah I said it.


Then there is Devaney and Spags. I may sound crazy but I think we should give them one year after this and then if it goes to hell get rid of them. Then why am I so hard on McD and not them you may ask. Because Spags and Devaney have given us some thing. You may say that I'm not giving McD enough time. But by now we should be able to put up points. By now we should show PROGRESS. We are showing nothing on offense. This offense has shown jack and shit and jack just left town.


This is the most disappointing rams team in years.  This teams is more disappointing then 09 and 08 and 07. At least those seasons there were no expectations. This year we were favorites to win the NFC west crown. It may be a paper burger king crown but it is still a crown damn it. Is this season still salvageable. Yes. Mostly because it is the NFC west but we are playing terrible football. This team needs to get on track and fast or we m

ay be at the bottom of the NFC west. On the bright side at least we would be in good position to get a WR of any worth in the draft.

I leave you with the biggest face palm moment in history I swear to you it would be a very good reason for any rams fan to jump to a different team. Seriously if you want to be a fan of another team and leave the rams in the dust no body will question you.


Ram Rules (via TheMarktastic)



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