Team TST NFL Picks Member: Doug Beers

Name: Doug Beers

TST Screen Name: dbcouver

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Rams Fan Since: I picked up an NFL yearbook in 1974 with a picture of Merlin Olsen on the cover and my fan-hood began with that season.

Favorite game time food: My favorite thing to eat during games is Popsicles. I like orange the best but I can't drink like I used to so Popsicles it is.

Best Sports Stadium in the world: The best sports stadium in the world has to be the LA Coliseum since the one in Rome has kind of gone to shit lately, honestly, all that technology, way back when? Damn!

Favorite Rams Player of all time: My favorite player of all time has to be Jack Youngblood, mostly cause of his tough name, although Mikey Jones is responsible for my all time favorite play.

Favorite Rams player on current roster: My favorite current player is definitely Steven Jackson, though I wanted to trade him a couple years ago. That was simply to take advantage of what I thought would be a peak in his player value at a time when we needed picks for rebuilding.

2011 St Louis Rams season record prediction: Now that we're 0-4, my prediction for the rest of the season is 4-8 (4-12overall). I really thought by now we'd have won one? Unfortunately, we're just not that good right now. We may improve and I always predict we go 2-0 against the frickin' N*ners, so that leaves a split of the remaining divisional battles and losses in all those outside the division.

About me: Who I am is basically a family man with 4 kids at home. My daughter's a U.W., so I'm a U.W. Husky for 4 years.  I'm a railroader who brings trains from Portland to outlying parts of the northwest and back. I don't have 9 to 5 job, so I'm away from the house probably 80 hours a week. I watch college football first, then Rams, every weekend. The rest of the year I mourn......Until April!

 Being a Ram fan has made me a NFL Draft fan unfortunately, but it works out since I watch college football replays at 3 am to 7 am when I can't sleep because of my crummy schedule.  Anyhoo, this is how I got familiar with SBN, and TST specifically, finally becoming a member in 2008.

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