TST Power Rankings: Week 5

Austin Pettis reacts to the Rams rank in the TST Power Rankings

Luckily for us, the Rams have a week off. Hopefully they can try and figure something out the next time they play...against the defensing Super Bowl Champs. Doug has the Rams ranked as 6th (read the explanation before your head explodes). Other then that, it's awesomeness squared. Hit the jump!


Team Doug ram_rod 3k Brick Top Avg (+/-) Say What?

Green Bay Packers
1 1 1 1



Rodgers is on his way to an MVP season and the Packers are definitely the team to beat. If only they can get by the challenge they face in week 6...? -Doug

Detroit Lions
2 2 3 3



A Thanksgiving showdown between the teams two best teams is approaching. If the Lions can win that, all bets are off - Eric

Baltimore Ravens
4 3 2 5



except for that horrible game against the Titans, the Ravens have looked awesome. - Brandon

New England Patriots
3 4 5 2



Brady recovered for a Week #3 debacle against a tough Raider defense. Welker is pure Fantasy gold! - Doug

New Orleans Saints
7 6 4 4



With the Falcons faltering, the division is New Orleans' to lose. - Eric

Buffalo Bills
5 5 10 8



the question is now do we get the team that beat the Pats or the team that lost to the Bengals the rest of the year? - Brandon

Houston Texans
9 11 6 6



Bad news: They lost Andre Johnson. Good News: Arian Foster returned and put up 200 yards against Pittsburgh. -Eric

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8 9 7 10



Their love of making every game high drama could be their undoing. -Doug

New York Jets
11 8 11 14



Can't seem to find their stride?  Where this team will end up, no one knows. Living proof of what can happen to emotion driven teams. - Doug

Pittsburgh Steelers
21 7 9 13



I joked a few weeks ago when I put them down this low. Now I'm not kidding. This team is oooold and showing cracks in their armor. - Doug

Tennessee Titans
15 13 14 9



Matt Hasselback looks to be having a career resurgence. At least it isn't with the Seahawks - Eric